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Ozzy extras: women's shoes, doodling, WWII and more!

We ran an exclusive interview with Ozzy recently, but there's more! Ironically, the rock and roll Prince of Darkness has a lighter side.

By Carol Anne Szel

ozzy pic from his myspace

We ran an exclusive interview with Ozzy recently, but there's more!

Ironically, the rock and roll Prince of Darkness has a lighter side.

I was led into Ozzy's private world. A world, of, well, women's shoes, doodling, his passion for WWII memorabilia, and more.

As I settled in to talk, Ozzy became open with me and what ensued was a great conversation with this tremendous musical icon.

So Ozzy, what is it you do with your free time at home?
Ozzy: I watch videos. I watch things on the Beatles, the second world war. I managed to see this show on HBO. It’s called “The Pacific.” Have you seen that? Some of them were fucking boring.

I’m a big second World War II buff so I collect stuff from that. I haven’t got any mints though. Every now and again I’ll go ‘it’s Nazi shit with bad vibes.’ So I’ll give it to Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead. But then I’ll start collecting again.

My Dad was in the Navy in WWII.
Ozzy: Wow, oh wow. But the Pacific, it was like a forgotten war. Because there was one in Europe and one in the Pacific. I mean both these guys were crawling up the fucking beaches. I mean, to get through that, then you have to get back on to another one. Island hopping, you must be insane by the f**in’ war.

What's your daily routine like when you're not out on the road?
Ozzy: I like doodling. My biggest passion. So I get up in the morning, have a cup, big cup of coffee to get my old brain shoved into reality. And then I’ll sit down in my kitchen and I’ll do some doodling. When I’ve got the television, I’ll go with some World War II video, a Beatle video, or play some records. Then what I really love doing is exercising. F**kin’ love it. I get on my cross-trainer for a half hour or so, and then I get on my bike for a half hour. Lift some weights.

You enjoy working out?
Ozzy: My belly’s getting big! I mean, I’ve been on a diet all my life!

Believe me, I relate.
Ozzy: F**kin’ telling me. I’m 61 now and I can afford to have a little nibble now and then. And then I look in the mirror and I’m like ‘no, no.' I look in my wardrobe and I go ‘f**k, I need the next size, I believe.’ I have some fabulous suits.

Yes, I keep a size up and a size down in my closet!
But, I mean, Sharon ... you guys, what is it with shoes and women? Sharon’s got more f**kin’ shoes. She must have a thousand pair of shoes. I say ‘but when are you going to wear these?’ She’s like ‘oh no, I just collect them all.’ They’ve got a price tag on them of five-f**kin’-thousand dollars. And bags, fifteen grand for a handbag. With these big expensive bags. And we went to Korea and we bought some knock-off ones, you know? You can’t tell the difference. But my wife goes ‘oh no, no, I need the real thing.’

And with Ozzy's new album "Scream" set to be released on June 22, his tenth so far in his career, we can all rest assured that we will surely get the real thing.

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