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Paul Weller's iBook a treasure trove

Genesis Publications iBook version of “Into Tomorrow,” a rich tome covering Paul Weller's solo years, is a nice alternative to the limited-edition, leather-bound print of the book.
Paul Weller -- Into Tomorrow iBook

By John Curley

This excellent iBook version of “Into Tomorrow,” the Genesis Publications’ tome that features photographs from Paul Weller’s solo years of 1992 to 2014, has the added bonus of links to video interviews with Weller and photographer Lawrence Watson in which they discuss the circumstances and the time when individual photos in the book were taken. More than 40 minutes of interview footage is included. The iBook, which is available from the iBookstore, has a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes photos from every phase of Weller’s solo career through the “More Modern Classics” compilation album, and should be of great interest to Weller’s ardent fan base.

While Weller’s years with The Jam have been well-documented in photo collections, this is the first comprehensive photographic look at Weller’s solo years. Many of the photos are accompanied by quotes from Weller detailing what is happening in the picture. The majority of the photos have never been published previously.

Weller and Watson have worked together since 1988, when Weller was still with The Style Council, and that bond shows in the book’s photos, which portray Weller in all facets of his solo career, from onstage to backstage to studio as well as posed shots. Weller, a Mod since his teenage years, is shown nattily attired in many of the photos.

“Into Tomorrow” is also available as a limited-edition, leather-bound print book.

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