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Power Pop Plus

blogged by John Borack

John & Yoko DVD is the perfect package deal

Two vintage films that reveal different creative sides of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, “Imagine” and “Gimme Some Truth” have been packaged together on one 152-minute DVD with a handful of “bonus features.”

Power Pop Plus: New CD Reviews

  Chris Richards and the Subtractions – Peaks and Valleys (Futureman) Peaks and Valleys is a slightly disappointing outing from Chris Richards and the Subtractions. Why? Well, despite the crisp production (courtesy of Richards and Andy Reed), the on-point drumming …

Power Pop Plus: Time for More Reviews!

Power Pop Plus blogger John M, Borack reviews worthy releases for the month: David Myhr, Greg Pope, Jeff Whalen, Kyle Vincent, Lisa Mychols, Rubinoos, Super 8 Super 8, The Condors and more.

CD Review: Addison Love’s “Thoughts on Lunch?”

Addison Love – Thoughts on Lunch? (Big Stir) Those who claim that power pop music is an old(er) man’s game should rejoice mightily upon hearing Addison Love’s excellent debut record, Thoughts on Lunch? Love is a 22-year-old wunderkind from Orange …

Power Pop Plus: Kool Kat Musik Label Spotlight

Back in the early days of power pop’s near-renaissance (ie, the mid-to-late ‘90s), labels that specialized in those groovy pop sounds sprung up like so many weeds. (I won’t even try to list them for fear I’ll leave some out.) …