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A Rapid Foray for Running Wild

The band Running Wild have always been about good, clean fun. Since 1987's "Under Jolly Roger," the band have produced material that would suit any Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. I mean, who doesn’t like a little pirate theme to their heavy metal music, right?


This outfit from Germany have been around since 1976 (surprise!) and the traditional metal output since then is not as good as countrymates Accept but the style is close enough to that German metal juggernaut — even vocalist (and original member) Rock N’ Rolf(Rolf Kasparek)sounds somewhat similar to former Accept frontman Udo Dirkschneider, with a little Biff Byford (Saxon) thrown in for good measure.

Not that Running Wild clone any bands. They are their own captain, so to speak. Now "reformed" and healthy again, Running Wild present the album "Rapid Foray" on Steamhammer / SPV and it's very high-spirited.

Rock N’ Rolf and crew are locked and loaded, for sure. The song “Black Skies, Red Flag” sticks to the metal pirate theme, while "Warmongers" is when things really reach full-speed-ahead riffs and anti-war chants. Both are treasures.

Rolf Kasparek (aka Rock N’ Rolf )

Rolf Kasparek (aka Rock N’ Rolf )

The band do walk the plank a bit with overproduced sing-a-long choruses (especially in "By The Blood In Your Heart"). It at first feels unnecessary but this is part of Running Wild's style (again, think "pirates" and go with it) — and the crunchy riffs ("Stick To Your Guns"), speedy melodies ("Hellestrified" and the title track) and full-on power metal (the excellent "Blood Moon Rising") that reigns throughout (thank you, guitarist Peter Jordan)more than make up for any brief sea sickness.

This release is a solid purchase for those nostalgic lovers of the NWOBHM sound — and it just might be one of the best things Running Wild have ever done.

BTW, the box set is only for European release – limited to 1,000 units — but order it, if you can, from your local record store. The box set includes:
- Digipak incl. poster
- 2LP, golden vinyl, printed innersleeves, CD in cardboard sleeve
- Mousepad
- Poster - 35x59 cm
- Hand Signed Photocard - A5 (from Rock N’ Rolf!!!)
- Sticker - 10,5 x 10,5 cm
- Button - round - 2,5 x 2,5 cm
- Patch 12 x 6,5 cm
- size of the box: 31,5 cm x 31,5 cm
- hard cardboard material with top