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Rush Finally Gets A Nod From The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominates Rush, Heart, Deep Purple,Donna Summer, the Marvelettes & Procol Harum
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By Phill Marder

The nominees are in for 2013’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions, and my picks this year were pretty easy to make. You select five, and five choices have appeared in the “Great Blogs Of Fire” acts that should be in the Hall of Fame series.

The five who should be inducted are:

RUSH – The Canadian trio finally gets a nod after being ignored all these years. The Guess Who should precede them, but they’re still not nominated, so I’ll be happy with Rush as the selection.

DEEP PURPLE – One of hard rock’s greatest bands, Deep Purple should be a lock to get inducted even if this is their first year on the ballot. Should be.

HEART – Ann and Nancy Wilson were nominated for the first time last year and, surprisingly, were rejected. How close did they come? Who knows? But their return on this year’s ballot indicates they have a great chance of getting in this time.

THE MARVELETTES – With The Supremes and Martha & the Vandellas already representing Motown’s girl groups in the Hall of Fame and the Marvelettes lacking a visual focal point for fans to grasp, their chances for induction are slim. But, at least they were nominated.

DONNA SUMMER – It figures that she will be inducted this year – one year too late.

(alternate choice)

PROCOL HARUM – Didn’t get around to writing Procol Harum yet, but they were on my list of bands that should be inducted. Known primarily for “A Whiter Shade Of Pale,” the band also was responsible for other classics such as “A Salty Dog,” “Shine On Brightly” and “Conquistador.”

The remaining nominees are The Paul Butterfield Blues Band; Chic; Joan Jett and the Blackhearts; Albert King; Kraftwerk; The Meters; Randy Newman; N.W.A and Public Enemy.

THE FAN BALLOT – This year, for the first time, fans will have a voice in the choices. At least, the Hall of Fame wants you to think that, posting a ballot and letting you choose five of the nominees. There are two major problems with this:

(1) According to the Hall of Fame release, “The Top 5 artists as selected by the public will comprise a fans' ballot that will be tallied along with other ballots to choose the 2013 inductees.” A fans' ballot . So, if a million fans vote, it will count as just one ballot. I’m not sure how many voters there are, but supposedly it's around 600. So the Hall of Fame will call a million fan votes, or two million or a billion, whatever, equal to one of their "so-called" experts.

(2) You get to vote on who was nominated. You don’t get a say in who gets nominated. Therefore, you can vote for Randy Newman, but not The Monkees, The Moody Blues, Linda Ronstadt etc., etc.

Frankly, I’ve pretty much given up on this Hall of Fame, preferring to concentrate on The Goldmine Hall of Fame. The selections include all genres and are based primarily on facts, not opinions.