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The Goldmine "Hall of Fame" debuts

Goldmine Magazine announces the beginning of the "Goldmine Hall of Fame"
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By Phill Marder

Hi Amazons & Coyotes. If you've missed me, lots has taken place since my last entry. My computer died, not me, but the pet project I was working on last year & hinting of in several recent columns, especially the comments, has appeared in the print issue of Goldmine and now on the website.

It is "The Goldmine Hall of Fame," a Hall of Fame I hope will eventually include all your favorites and those deserving to be called Hall of Famers. You can find all the particulars in the article on the first 10 inductees on the website and in the print issue. Just one reminder - there are approximately 700 inductees waiting to be announced and the 700th gets the same recognition as the first. So be patient if you don't see your fave right away. We've got a lot of reading to come.