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The 'good will' of 'McCartney' vinyl

VG+ vinyl of Paul McCartney's debut LP can be found for only $12 online. But a Goodwill find means a lot more than the estimated value.

Happened to find a vinyl LP of Paul McCartney's 1970 "McCartney" release (U.S. version) in a Goodwill store. Remarkably VG+ condition. The cover had some wear but nothing bad. The gatefold was in great condition. Only a white record sleeve, however. The sleeve shows some dullness but still wondering if this is the original sleeve.

The original gatefold of "McCartney" VG+

The original gatefold of "McCartney" VG+

I rather have this original 1970 vinyl than the new reissues ("McCartney 1 and McCartney II" on MPL/Hear Music/Concord Music Group (even though these are pretty darn cool, too)

Gillian Gaar reviewed the reissue of "McCartney" in the August Goldmine and gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and she looks back at the album's songs as aging " fairly well."

Allmusic once reviewed the album as "'McCartney' has an endearingly ragged, homemade quality that makes even its filler — and there is quite a bit of filler — rather ingratiating."

I agree with the "endearing" part. But "filler"? Personally, I love the sketches of album's songs and the personal experimentalism of the whole package. And, of course, I love hearing the classic "Maybe I'm Amazed" … never tire of it. And it absolutely sounds better on vinyl.

A nice find at Goodwill (you never know what vinyl you may find there — usually slim pickings but sometimes a good find). A teenager in front of me picked up a decent copy of Magical Mystery Tour. Gatefold. No booklet. But he was as happy as a winner of a lottery ticket.

A VG+ of this LP is going for $12 on Gemm. But this Goodwill find means a lot more to me than the value.

— Pat Prince

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