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The Historia De La Musica Rock Complete Discography

Buying "Historia De La Musica Rock: Lou Reed” was not about the music as much as it was a reason to acquire a "Historia De La Musica Rock" record for the collection.

by Steven Goss — While browsing through my favorite dollar bin the other day I found and purchased "Historia De La Musica Rock: Lou Reed.” I know there are better Lou Reed greatest hits compilations out there, such as the three disc LP "NYC Man,” but for me buying this record was not about the music as much as it was a reason to acquire a "Historia De La Musica Rock" record for my collection.

Historia De La Muscia Rock: Lou Reed album cover.

If you've been inside a record shop or two, you've most likely come across a "Historia De La Musica Rock" LP. (It's either that or you're fan of Pussy Galore.) When you see one you immediately know what it is, because each record has the same design. There’s a glossy photo of the artist surrounded by a glowing neon border floating inside a star-filled cosmos and the title “Historia De La Musica Rock” proclaimed in solid gold lettering. The first one must’ve sold so well that they decided, why change what works?

Now what I never noticed until I bought this particular record is that each one has a volume number. So, for example, my Lou Reed record is volume 27. This got me thinking, volume 27 out of what exactly? I assumed that if I typed “Historia De La Musica Rock” into the old Internet machine, I would find twenty different music nerds telling me all sorts of things about this series. However, that didn’t happen. I did find a ton of sites dedicated to specific artists, such as Lou Reed, that contained a “Historia De La Musica Rock” record on the discography page. What I didn’t find was a comprehensive list of the actual series.

At first I was somewhat disappointed with the record nerds that I depend on for my music information, but then I thought to myself, "Wait, I can be that record nerd!" So here is what I believe to be the only complete listing of every "Historia De La Musica Rock" record. Happy Hunting.

1. The Rolling Stones
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Jerry Lee Lewis
4. David Bowie
5. John Mayall
6. The Beatles
7. Genesis
8. The Dave Clark Five
9. Small Faces
10. Eric Clapton
11. Joe Cocker
12. Rod Stewart
13. T. Rex
14. Eric Burdon
15. Procol Harum
16. Manfred Mann
17. Taste
18. The Allman Brothers Band
19. Bill Haley & The Comets
20. Chuck Berry
21. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity
22. The Pretty Things
23. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
24. Fats Domino
25. The Nice
26. Elvis Presley
27. Lou Reed
28. Chicago
29. James Brown
30. Santana
31. Bob Dylan
32. Blood, Sweat and Tears
33. Janis Joplin
34. Leonard Cohen
35. Brian Poole and the Tremeloes / The Tornados
36. John McLaughlin
37. The Who
38. The Velvet Underground
39. Lulu / Tommy Steele
40. Cat Stevens
41. The Righteous Brothers
42. The Hollies
43. Roger Daltrey
44. Elton John
45. Them
46. The Moody Blues
47. The Kinks
48. Roy Orbison
49. Savoy Brown
50. Ten Years After
51. Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes
52. Status Quo
53. Slade
54. Chick Corea
55. Rainbow
56. Fairport Convention
57. Cream
58. Bachman Turner Overdrive
59. Graham Parker and The Rumor
60. The Walker Brothers
61. Kansas
62. Boston
63. Jeff Beck
64. Little Richard
65. Melanie
66. Jethro Tull
67. Donovan
68. Mahavishnu Orchestra
69. Three Degrees
70. Labelle
71. The O'Jays
72. Poco
73. Dave Mason
74. The Byrds
75. Billy Paul
76. Argent
77. Pacific Gas and Electric
78. REO Speedwagon
79. Aerosmith
80. Johnny Winter
81. Janis Ian
82. Journey
83. The Jacksons
84. Bob James
85. Fleetwood Mac
86. Al Stewart
87. Chicory Tip
88. Gilbert O'Sullivan
89. Johnny Nash
90. The Clash
91. Robin Trower
92. The Everly Brothers
93. The Beach Boys
94. Los Teen Tops
95. Bruce Springsteen
96. Dan Fogelberg
97. Rick Derringer
98. Aphrodite's Child
99. 10CC
100. Miguel Rios