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A reader's list of Rock Hall nominees from A to Z

The Association kicks off a reader's A-Z list of Rock Hall of Fame-worthy artists
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The Association kicks off this reader's A-Z list of Rock Hall of Fame nominees

By Phill Marder

Reader Dave threw out this challenge. Any takers?

Here's a quick A to Z of HOF-worthy artists; some are in the Rock Hall already, but others are still waiting. I just meant to pick one per letter. There's trillions of others for most of the letters and these are not necessarily the top choices in every instance, but include many of my favorites. I couldn't come up with a viable "X" however. Anyone want to try a similar list but with different artists per letter? I would be game. Would like to see these artists and many others featured in Goldmine (many have been I'm sure but I'm a new subscriber).A- The Association B- The Beatles C- Chicago D- Donovan E- Melissa Etheridge F- The Faces G- Genesis H- Jimi Hendrix I- The Impressions J- Jethro Tull K- King Crimson L- Led Zeppelin M- The Moody Blues N- Ricky Nelson O- Roy Orbison P- Elvis Presley Q- Queen R- Rolling Stones S- Cat Stevens T- The Temptations U- The Union Gap V- The Ventures W- The Who X- I'm at a loss Y- Yes Z- The Zombies