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Third Man Records' copper Raconteurs record is a work of art

Unplayed and "absolute mint," this copper vinyl Raconteurs record is a one of kind auction opportunity.

by Pat Prince — Here's a beautiful collector's item, specially made by Third Man Records for Record Store Day.

This unplayed copper-colored vinyl (see above) of the Raconteurs' "Broken Boy Soldiers" was purchased at Third Man Records location in Nashville on Record Store Day. In fact, it's one of those Record Store Day exclusives. The pressing was limited to 300 copies and, according to this seller, not for sale anywhere else (except here, of course, on eBay).

It is in "absolute mint" (is that a new grading system?) condition. The art design, too, is wonderful.

For more contemporary bands, this is the kind of stuff you want to own. In years to come, it will be worth much more. Raconteurs are an in-demand band. And then there's the wonderful Third Man Records' product ...
Why someone would want to sell this is beyond me. But this could be your gain. Bids are really going up with less than a day left on auction. Keep on the watch list.

END NOTE: After 18 bids, the winning bid was $151 But don't distress, if you want one. There are at least six of them on eBay right now.


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