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Dylan 'Box Of Vision' special discount for Goldmine readers

A 15 percent discount is being offered for a limited time — until May 24 — for the officially licensed Bob Dylan Archive from Box Of Vision.

In honor of Bob Dylan's 70th birthday on May 24, Box of Vision and Goldmine Magazine will be offering a 15% discount off the wonderfulBob Dylan Archive for a limited time.


The Bob Dylan Archive is a luxurious, linen covered, table-top showcase box, including:

  • The most comprehensive collection of full size Bob Dylan LP artwork ever — digitally restored and available together for the first time, in a 220 page book of LP sized prints.
  • A brand new, unique discography, with excerpts from over 90 historical reviews and 27 classic advertisements.
  • Elegant and unique storage for the official, chronological Bob Dylan CD catalog (CDs not included).

For the special discount, Goldmine readers in the US and Canada must use code GOLDBD at checkout for 15% off your order. Offer valid through midnight pacific time May 24, 2011 (Bob's birthday). Click here to save at checkout.