Triumph to give away platinum album award at Goldmine Webinar

Sign up for a Goldmine online seminar on vinyl collecting and you might win a platinum record award for Triumph’s Allied Forces LP.
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By Susan Sliwicki

Allied award WEB

If the idea of getting more bang for your record buying buck wasn’t quite enough to entice you to sign up for the online seminar “Goldmine’s Secrets to Buying and Selling Records: Pay Less and Make More,” there was always the event’s exclusive door prize drawing.

A platinum record award for Triumph’s Allied Forces LP was given away as a door prize during the event, courtesy of the band Triumph and Chipster PR.

The one-hour event was sponsored by Backstage Auctions and

Mike Levine, Triumph’s bassist and keyboardist, is thrilled to share a piece of the Canadian prog-metal band’s history with a crowd he knows will appreciate it. It is his favorite.

Released in 1981, "Allied Forces" is considered by many to be the group’s best album.

“I don’t think there’s a bad song on that record. Most of our records, there’s a song or two I didn’t like at all,” Levine said.

It was the first one that Triumph recorded in its own Metal Works studio.

“It allowed us a kind of luxury that we didn’t really have to look at the clock,” Levine said. “We did a lot of the writing in the studio for that album, and certainly a lot of recording. It was just a pleasure to write.”

Working in their own studios gave group members a level of creative freedom they hadn’t enjoyed before, and it gave band members the ability to keep pushing and tweaking until they felt the album was just perfect.

“I guess it was a series of trial and error. If you had time to fix the error, you never had the trial,” Levine joked.

“It’s not like it was a dream. We worked. We needed to fix things up. I remember we had some problems with ‘Magic Power’ because it was a pretty poppy kind of song. We certainly scratched our heads and wondered ‘What are we doing to do with that and make it Triumph?’ ”