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Ask The Expert: 7-inch value

Does a Jimmy Nolan 7-inch record have as much value as a Beatles 7-inch on Tollie Records with a label error? Let's compare.
Jimmy Nolan

Goldmine's Ask The Expert:

I have a Jimmy Nolan single (shown above) and I am unsure of the value. I can’t find information about it anywhere. Can you help find the value of this single?

— Ashley Gollagher via Facebook



Jimmy Nolan released an EP on the Fair World label in the United Kingdom in 1980. This is a reissue of that EP, released privately circa 1982.

This Jimmy Nolan was not the Jimmy Nolen (different spelling) who was a noteworthy American guitar player. Instead, this Jimmy Nolan released only these four songs, and only in England. It was a local release that currently has no collector base.



Goldmine's Ask The Expert:

I have this early pressing of The Beatles’ “Love Me Do”/”P.S. I Love You” single on the Tollie label T-9008 (shown). It was pressed by Monarch. Both sides have the “P.S. I Love You” label. The record visually grades VG-plus, and plays loud and clear. An original owner placed the letters “LMD” for the “Love Me Do” label side, and the other side has a small “17” sticker. Being a highly collectible Beatle record, does it command a premium?

— Jim B. via email


Jim B.:

Although labeling errors are not particularly interesting from a collector standpoint, Beatles collectors love Vee-Jay and the related labels (Tollie, Oldies). A copy of “Love Me Do” (Tollie T-9008) that was mislabeled sold for just over $100. That one had a fairly uncommon label variation, though, and the Monarch is the most common.

That one falls on the high end. On the low end, three other copies of “Love Me Do” sold for $28, $22 and $19 — with the lowest of the three being the Monarch pressing.

Your copy appears to be in somewhat better condition, so $40 would be a reasonable estimate for a VG+ copy.

— Frank Daniels, Goldmine Contributor

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