Ask The Expert: Edison record values

In general, are "Edison" records of high interest for record collectors or are they hit or miss?

To Goldmine:

I have about 50 Edison Diamond discs. Do you have any recommendations about who may be interested in them – or what they are generally worth?

— A.P. Sheffield via Facebook


I just found two Edison records in my Mom’s stuff — trying to figure out what to do with them. Any suggestions? One has “Longing for My Dixie Home” and “Hush a Bye Ma Baby”/”The Mississippi Waltz. The other, “American Patrol” and “Commandery” (shown above).

— Judy N. via Facebook


Dear Goldmine Readers:

Unfortunately, Edison records are hit-and-miss with respect to collector interest. Most seem to sell for $1 to $3 each, but there are some scattered among them that are more valuable.

There are copies of Harvey Hindermyer’s “Longing for My Dixie Home”/”Hush a Bye Ma Baby” (Edison 80379) online for $5 and under.

You can find copies of the New York Military Band’s “American Patrol”/”Boston Commandery March” (Edison 50145) online for $5 to $8. Essentially, these two singles are not collectible though.

[Note: The last Edison discs were produced at the end of 1929. According to Goldmine writer Dave Thompson in his article, “Collecting Edison discs proves to be an addictive hobby“ ( “If you really want to get archaeological about it, the very first recorded mention of the word “jazz” came courtesy of an Edison disc, a 1916 effort by baritone Arthur F. Collins and tenor Byron G. Harlan, “That Funny Jas Band From Dixieland.”]

— Frank Daniels, Goldmine Contributor

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