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Ask The Expert: Is this Sinatra record worth anything?

A Frank Sinatra collector wants to know the value of a "Fabulous Frank" 10-inch vinyl record on Philips B07680R in Very Good (VG) condition.
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Q: Hi researchers,
Can you find out more about this 10-inch, 33 1/3 record (shown above, Frank Sinatra-Fabulous Frank on Philips B07680R, an album not in your guides). It’s in very good (VG) condition. I would like your help. Thank you.

—Fred Evans, via email

A: It looks fabulous but... what you have here is a European compilation release, from 1955 (more specifically, released in the Netherlands). Since it is not a U.S. release, it’s not in our guides. It’s not especially rare — copies in very good (VG) condition seldom sell for much more than $10 — but it makes a fine addition to the collection.

—Dave Thompson
Author of the Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 9th Ed.