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Ask The Expert: The worth of German Beatles albums

A question about two Beatles albums, "Please Please Me" in stereo and "A Hard Days Night" in mono, that were bought in Germany and are both Odeon recordings.
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QUESTION: My question is, I have two old Beatles albums, Please Please Me in stereo and A Hard Days Night in mono. Both Odeon recordings, they were bought in Germany when I was a kid. The backs of the covers are in English except at the very bottom. I assume it is recording info and it is in German. What is their worth? Thanks.

— Julie P., via email


ANSWER: If the Please Please Me album is numbered ZTOX 5550, then it is an original export pressing.


The catalog number of A Hard Day’s Night in mono should be O-83739, and it should have a green label.

As with all records, their value will depend on the condition of the cover and record. A near mint (NM) condition copy of A Hard Day’s Night usually sells for $400 to $500. A near mint condition of Please Please Me can sell for $800 to $1,000. Each of these records is hard to find in NM condition, though. Copies in VG+ condition (a few minor scratches) sell for about half the above prices. Copies in VG condition (quite a few scratches, but nothing noisy or that causes skips) sell for about one-fourth the above prices. Low-grade copies still sell for $10 to $20 each.

— Frank Daniels
Goldmine contributor