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Beatles' “Please Please Me” tops eBay in August

Two lots of the Beatles' 1963 album “Please Please Me” topped all the records sold on eBay in the month of August 2015.

Two lots of the Beatles' album “Please Please Me” topped all records sold on eBay in the month of August 2015. For its Market Watch this month, Goldmine decided to highlight only these specific lots.


1. The Beatles – “Please Please Me” lot

Sold For: $30,452.00

Listed As: “The Beatles Please Please Me Complete Stereo Run PCS3042 & web domain address”

Seller: beatle.bayuk

Seller’s Comments: “The Beatles entire Please Please Me STEREO LP run. From the 2 infamous "Gold Stereo Parlophone(s) "with the Dick James, then Northern Songs credits, to the ultra rare last 60's through to the 86 reissue and more! Since I first started collecting Beatles records many many years ago, I was intrigued about the numbers and letters that were stamped into the run off grooves. After collecting quite a few Please please me's, I managed to make a bit of sense with the running order of the stampers and how the actual labels sometimes changed with the times and when new stampers appeared. I also managed to find (or catch) a few transitional copies that had a side 1 of a certain press coupled with a side 2 from another press.

"Eventually after a lot of work and time spent collecting, I decided to put up my own website that dealt with the evolution of The Beatles' very first long playing record "Please Please Me". This was simply because there was no information about this anywhere on the net. Even the Rare Record Collector's Guide has only eight or so different labels listed when in fact there over 30 variations throughout the 60's alone!. This website is called and is for sale on here today with these records. If you just want the records then that's fine, otherwise if you are a web designer and a Beatlefreak, then this may be for you!

"I have set to deal with all the Please Please Me labels that are out there and have been updating it for the past 4 or 5 years and have had many comments and praise through the years in regards to helping fellow collectors.

'All these labels are on this site with detailed explanations (for the Stereo & Mono runs).
Incidentally, I have the complete mono run on another eBay listing please see!. When putting this auction together I was faced with the decision of selling EVERY label pressing variation, or just an example (albeit my best copy) of each particular press. I decided to list it all. Every stereo pressing known and unknown, every mis-pressing and a few bonus transitional copies thrown in the mix to make it interesting for everybody. The conditions vary from near mint, excellent to only good if there is only one example available, but rest assured, I will make sure they all have the best covers and inners I have Including every different variation from the very first E J Day gold covers to and including 5 or 6 rare "mid-sized logo" and all the Garrod & Lofthouse variations too! I guarantee you will never see an auction quite like this again!!

"Here's the full list of what the auction is for:
i) The web address and transfer of the name
ii) The (near) Complete Stereo Run
1st Gold "Dick James Version" 1G/1R (VG condition)
2nd Gold "Northern Songs Version" 1G/1R (VG condition)
3a (1st Y/B) Extra 33 1/3 1M/1G
3b (1st Y/B) Extra 33 1/3 1P/1G
4th press 1P/1G
5th press type 1 1P/1G
5th press type 1 1G/1A
5th press type 1 1O/1G
5th press type 1 1GD/1P
5th press type 2a 1H/1P
5th press type 2a 1GD/1P
5th Press type 2b 1GO/1T
5th press type 2b 1GG/1M
5th press type 2c 1GL/1GA
6th press type 1a 1GT/1GP
6th press type 1b 1RD/1GH
6th press type 2a 1RD/1GH
6th press type 2b 1RR/1GT
6th press type 3 1RH/1RA
6th press type 4 1RL/1RA
7th press type 1 1RP/1RP
7th press type 2 1RP/1RM
7th press type 3 1RO/1RL
7th press type 4 1AO/1AA
7th press type 5 1RO/1RL
7th press type 6- I DON'T HAVE!!!!!! (Does anybody have this for sale please?) NOT FOR SALE - missing!!
7th press type 7 1AR/1RT
7th press type 8 1AR/1RT
7th press type 9 1AP/1AR
7th press type 10 1AH/1AA
7th press type 11 2AL/1AA YEA print error on label
7th press type 11 2MR/1AH YEA print error on label
7th press type 12 2AT/1AA
7th press type 13 2MD/1AO
7th press type 14 2MR/1AH
8th press type 1 2MG/1AT No sold in the Uk
8th press type 2 2MG/1AT No sold in the Uk
8th press type 2 2MM/1MD No sold in the Uk
9th press type 1 2MP/1MG (one EMI box)
9th press type 2 2MH/1MG
9th press type 3 2ML/1ML
9th press type 4 2OR/1MT
9th press type 5 2OH/1OD
9th press type 6 2OM/1OD
10th press type 1 2PA/1PD (two EMI box)
10th press type 2 2LP/1LA
11th press type 1 5GRM/1LP
11th press type 2 (11T2) 5T/5M
11th press type 3 (11T3) 4/4
12th press 5/5

PLUS!! Transitional Crossover Labels BONUS!!!
4th / 5th 1P/1G
4th / 5th 1GD/1P
5T2 / 6T1 1GT/1GP
6T1/ 5T2 1RD/1GH
8T1 / 8T2 2MM/1MD
9T5 / 9T4 (both side 1 Label)
I think at the last count that makes 56 records, all with correct sleeves and correct inners for the years etc. Some of these are one offs that will take an age if ever to find another. Years and Years of hard work, yours to buy for a modest sum :) "



2. The Beatles – “Please Please Me” test pressing lot

Sold For: $12,811.00

Listed As: “The Beatles Please Please Me Test Pressing Demo Not for Sale Vinyl Acetate”

Seller: beatle.bayuk

Seller’s Comments: "The Beatles' Please Please Me album was a breath a fresh air in early 1963 and is generally considered to be the start of the 60's proper. So important was this record, that just very recently on it's 50th anniversary, many of today's top musicians and pop stars went back to studio 2 in Abbey Road studios to try to recreate this very recording.

"This Ladies and Gentlemen is the very first test pressing of side 1 AND side 2 of the Please Please Me Lp in mono. I believe this to be the ONLY complete set in the world today. If anyone has another, please step forward. It was more than 50 years ago that this was first made, even before the Mono or Stereo Golds as this is the very very very first pressing of the Please Please Me matrix XEX 421-1N and XEX 422-1N on two pieces of vinyl acetate. This is history right here. Both play fine and have a test tone on side 2 with LPFB 2 stamped on the back also. Genuine and very very sort after. Has what appears to be a bit of wax which I never bothered to remove on the label on side 1, though I am sure you could get it done professionally.

"A Hard days night test press went for £3500 a couple of years ago, Beatles for Sale just sold for over £5,000, just 3 months ago, and With the Beatles is currently on Tracks website for £7,500! These go for serious money. Why?, because they are unique and there are usually only just one or two sets of each. Not like the 250 Love Me Do demo's, which now go for £12K+ each!. This is the ONLY one of this left!. It doesn't get much rarer or earlier than that. There is no Sleeve as the sleeve wasn't even made yet!!"

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