Brian Wilson and Mike Love, cousins and collaborators

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By David Beard

Between 1961 and 1966, leading up to the ‘SMiLE’ recordings, Beach Boy Mike Love was the most frequent collaborator to his cousin and bandmate, Brian Wilson. Here are some of the key collaborations, by album:

“Surfin’ Safari” LP (1962) “Surfin,’” single charted at No. 75; “Surfin’ Safari,” single charted at No. 14; “409,” B-side to “Surfin’ Safari” charted at No. 76*

Beach Boys Surfin' Safari

“Surfin’ USA” LP (1963) “Farmer’s Daughter;” “Noble Surfer;” “Finders Keepers”

“Surfer Girl” LP (1963) “Hawaii;” “Surfers Rule;” “Our Car Club;” “Catch A Wave”

"Little Deuce Coupe" LP (1963) “Custom Machine;” “Be True to Your School,” single charted at No. 6

“Shut Down Volume 2” LP (1964) “Fun, Fun, Fun,” single charted at No. 5; “This Car of Mine;” “The Warmth of the Sun:

“All Summer Long” LP (1964) “Drive-In;” “I Get Around,” single charted at No. 1; “Do You Remember?” “All Summer Long,” single charted at No. 65; “Wendy,” appeared on “4 By The Beach Boys” EP, single charted at No. 44; “Little Honda,” appeared on “4 By The Beach Boys” EP, single charted at No. 65; :Don’t Back Down,” appeared on “4 By The Beach Boys” EP; “Dance, Dance, Dance,” single charted at No. 8**

“The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album” LP (1964) “Little Saint Nick;” “The Man With All the Toys;” “Santa’s Beard”

The Beach Boys Little Honda

“The Beach Boys Today!” LP (1965) “Good To My Baby;” “Don’t Hurt My Little Sister;” “When I Grow Up (To Be A Man),” single charted at No. 9; “Help Me, Ronda” (album version); “Please Let Me Wonder,” single charted at No. 52; “Kiss Me, Baby;” “She Knows Me Too Well;” “In the Back of My Mind”

"Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!!)" LP (1965) “The Girl From New York City;” “Salt Lake City;” “Help Me, Rhonda,” single charted at No. 1; “California Girls,” single charted at No. 3; “Let Him Run Wild,” B-side to “California Girls;” “You’re So Good To Me;” “And Your Dreams Come True”

“Pet Sounds” LP (1966) “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” single charted at No. 8+; “I’m Waiting for the Day;” “I Know There’s An Answer”++

"Good Vibrations" (1966) Single charted at No. 1+

*written with Gary Usher
**written with Carl Wilson
+written with Tony Asher
++written with Terry Sachen

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