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Divinyl Revolution - vinyl & lots more in Saratoga Springs store

Divinyl Revolution keeping vinyl & more alive in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
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Divinyl Revolution
437 Broadway Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 12866
(518) 466-4210

Brittany Nasser worked for six years at Last Vestige Music Shop in Saratoga Springs, New York, when the main store in Albany decided to close its branch. Not one to give up easily, Nasser arranged a fund-raising concert to put together money to open her own store, Divinyl Revolution (as in rpms), which has occupied a spot on the town’s main drag the last two years. The store specializes in buying, selling and trading used and new vinyl, cds , dvds, kid robot toys, various collectables, skateboards and vintage clothing!

Divinyl Revolution

Divinyl Revolution occupies a prominent spot in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY (photo courtesy of Dan De Federicis at

What was your first job?
Brittany Nasser: A dishwasher at a local diner when I was 13.

What was the first record you ever bought?
BN: The David Bowie album, Changes.

When did the idea of owning your own record store first occur to you?
BN: I've always wanted to own my own thrift store, but when the record store I was working at was closing, I thought to myself "why not?"

What is the history of the store?
BN: My location was previously the Last Vestige Music Shop. They also have another location in Albany on Quail Street. I had worked for them for a number of years.

What does your store specialize in?
BN: We try to specialize in new and used Rock, Punk, Indie and Metal & Jazz vinyl. But we do carry a little bit of everything.

Has the neighborhood where your store is located changed?
BN: Saratoga Springs is ever changing, but still retains that big city in a small town kind of charm.

How has the music retail market changed over the years?
BN: CD sales have dropped dramatically whereas vinyl sales just keep going up.

So have you noticed a resurgence in vinyl record sales?
BN: Definitely, I see a lot more people of a much wider age range coming in to find some special pieces.

What does your store offer that few, if any, others do?
BN: Well we dabble in all things rock from clothing to movies. But we also sell unique local artwork and special vinyl figures like Kidrobot dunny's.

Kidrobot dunny’s?
BN: A kidrobot dunny is an artist based vinyl platform toy.
This link should give you a better idea as to what they are

What changes has the store gone through over the years?
BN: Too many to count! We are ever changing just like everything around us.

Who are some of your favorite customers from over the years and why?
BN: This question is way too hard. I have so many fantastic customers, but I definitely must say I have lots of love for all the locals that continue to support me in this endeavor. That being said (the late) Ronnie James Dio!

What was the biggest day the store ever had?
BN: Hmm I'd have to go back and take a look at the books for that one.

Ever had anybody famous come in & shop your store?
BN: There's been a few. The aforementioned Ronnie James Dio, members of Rush, and countless members of bands that play at the Saratoga Performance Arts Center (SPAC) tend to stop in throughout the season.

brittany w dio & appice

Vinny Appice, Brittany Nasser & the late Ronnie James Dio

What is the future of record stores like yours?
BN: Hopefully, to live long and prosper!

What's the best part about being the owner of a record store, and what's the worst?
BN: All the amazing people with amazing experiences to share would be the best part (besides digging through all the awesome records). The worst is probably pretty obvious- paying the bills.

What is the rarest record you've ever had in your store?
BN: That’s another toughie! I've had so many weird rare albums pop through, I guess I'd have to go with the Beatles Yesterday and Today baby butcher cover album. One of my personal favorite semi-rare gems was a copy of Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos "Hot Rod Hootenanny."

What's the strangest request you've ever gotten from a customer?
BN: Answering this question could get me in some trouble. One of the sweeter requests I've had was a gentleman who had purchased a ring to propose to his girlfriend. He didn't want her to see the jewelry bag so he had me hide the bag in between some records.

What advice would you have for people who want to own a record store?
BN: Expect anything that can happen to happen … because it will!