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Jimi Hendrix album discography

A selected discography of the Jimi Hendrix vinyl record albums.

By Frank Daniels

The following is a selected discography of Jimi Hendrix vinyl record albums.

djM: mono promo
djS: stereo promo
Multi: green/pink/yellow multi-colored label
w7: label has the Warner Bros. “w7” logo in a square
R: two-tone Reprise label without “w7” logo
RCA Club R: RCA Record Club issue with two-one Reprise label
Cap: Capitol Record Club issue
Green: green label; PS: picture sleeve.

Are You Experienced
Reprise R- or RS-6261
Released: August 1967
djM: $1,200, Mono: $400, Stereo Multi: $200, w7: $28, R: $12

Get That Feeling (with Curtis Knight)
Capitol T- or ST-2856
Released: December 1967
Mono: $60, Stereo: $32

Axis: Bold as Love
Reprise R- or RS-6281,
Capitol Record Club (SKAO-91441)
Released: January 1968
djM: $3,000, Mono:$4,000 = RCA Club, Stereo Multi: $120, w7: $32, R: $12, Cap: $32

Flashing (with Curtis Knight)
Capitol ST-2894
Released: August 1968
Black Rainbow: $60

Electric Ladyland
Reprise 2RS-6307,
Capitol Record Club (STBO-91568)
Released: October 1968
djM: unconfirmed, djS: $800, w7:$100, R:$15, Cap: $120

Smash Hits
Reprise MS-2025
Released: July 1969
w7: $50, R: $20

Band of Gypsys
Capitol STAO-472
Released: March, 1970
Green: $40

Historic Performances Recorded at the Monterey International Pop Festival
(one side is by Otis Redding)
Reprise MS-2029,
Capitol Record Club SW-93371
Released: August 1970
Dj: $40, Dj with timing strip: $120, w7: $200, RCA Club R: $20
Note: Two covers are known

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