Market Watch: Top records sold on eBay, August 2017

Here are the top records sold on eBay, August 2017 … records range from Classical to Elvis' Sun Records.
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The following are the top records sold on eBay, August 2017 … records range from Classical to Elvis' Sun Records.

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5. Leonid Kogan ‎– Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto/Meditation
Sold For: $5,400 (53 bids; Starting Price: $49.99)
Genre: Classical
Record Label: Columbia (SAX 2323)
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.K.
Release Year: 1960
Format: 12-inch LP, 33 rpm
Special Attributes: 180-220 gram, 1st Edition
Record Grading: NM
Sleeve Grading: NM
Seller: Private Seller

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4. André Levy, J.S. Bach ‎– Suites Pour Violoncelle Seul set
Sold For: $5,934 (46 bids; Starting Price: C100 - Canada)
Listed As: “Extreme rare ANDRE LEVY JB BACH suites cello solo suites'”
Genre: Classical
Record Label: Lumen
Country/Region of Manufacture: France
Release Year: Unknown
Format: 12-inch LP
Record/Sleeve Grading: Unknown
Seller: Private Seller
Seller’s Comments: None

 Elvis Sun Records set sample photo

Elvis Sun Records set sample photo

3. Elvis Presley - Sun Records set
Sold For: $7,000 (7 bids; Starting Price: $2,500)
Listed As: “Complete Set of Five Elvis Presley Sun Records 45 RPM Records Lot 9'”
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Record Label: Sun
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.S.
Release Year: 1954-55
Format: 7-inch, 45 rpm
Record Grading: Read seller's comments
Seller: The Auction at Graceland
Seller’s Comments: “While a complete set of Elvis' Sun 45s is highly collectible, the opportunity to obtain all five singles at once is even more rare. This incredible complete collection of Elvis' Sun 45 RPM records includes his first five singles and presents just that opportunity. The collection includes:

1954 Sun 209 "That's All Right/Blue Moon of Kentucky" (sample copy stamped "Sample" in red on both sides);

1954 Sun 210 "Good Rockin' Tonight/I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine";

1955 Sun 215 "Milkcow Blues Boogie/You're A Heartbreaker";

1955 Sun 217 "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone/Baby Let's Play House"; and

1955 Sun 223 "Mystery Train/I Forgot to Remember to Forget."
The Sun 45s were pressed by Plastic Products, Inc of Memphis, Tennessee, and Sun would return any unusable pressings to them. This practice was common, since Plastic Products recycled old pressings and the process was not without defective pressings. In November of 1955 RCA Victor purchased the master records from Sun. It released "Mystery Train" first in November 1955, which was the last to be released by Sun, and then released the other four in December of 1955. Collectors often seek to build this collection piece by piece, with "Milkcow Blues Boogie" being the most difficult to acquire. The five 45 RPM singles are also accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated.

Condition Report:
209 - very good, moderately played and handled condition with minor surface scuffs and tiny scratches. 210 - very good, light to moderately played and handled condition. 215 - very good to excellent condition, lightly played and handled condition with a few surface scratches. 217 - record has single crack through playing surface. 223 - very good to excellent condition, lightly played and handled condition with a few surface scuffs.

Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Aug 12: The Auction at Graceland.”

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2. Willie Brown ‎– "M & O Blues/Future Blues"
Sold For: $8,600 (34 bids; Starting Price: $8)
Listed As: “Blues 78 WILLIE BROWN Future Blues PARAMOUNT'”
Genre: Blues
Record Label: Paramount (13090)
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.S.
Release Year: 1931
Format: 10-inch LP, 78 rpm, Shellac
Record Grading: F
Seller: FunkYou! Records
Seller’s Comments: “All records are cleaned on a VPI record cleaning machine and conservatively graded under a bright lamp using the VJM grading scale."

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1. Elvis Presley - Sun Records set (framed)
Sold For: $9,999
Listed As: “Elvis Presley Sun Records 45 RPM all 5 framed original'”
Genre: Rock 'N' Roll
Record Label: Sun Records
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.S.
Release Year: 1954-55
Format: 7-inch, 45 rpm
Special Attributes: Professionally Framed
Record Grading: Read seller's comments
Seller: CollectingElvis
Seller’s Comments: “Here are all 5 original Elvis sun 45s. Over all condition is very good considering age. Some look really good while others look average. Please see pictures for condition. I have owned these for many years. I wrote the guide on Elvis Sun 45s. You can find it under eBay guides. Just google "elvis sun guide". It should be the first to come up. These are originals. They are professionally framed with museum glass and acid free mats. They were framed with no tape or glue and very well preserved.”

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