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Our Readers: Meet musician and MC5 fan Mick Buchanan

Mickster is his nickname, but it should be The Music Collector
Mick "Mickster" Buchanan

Mick "Mickster" Buchanan

Mickster is his nickname, but it should be The Music Collector.

Mick Buchanan, who lives in Tallahassee, Fla., first caught the record-collecting bug from his parents, both jazz musicians. But instead of going the jazz route, Mick went the direction of psychedelic rock and protopunk. A self-employed musician himself, Mick has a discerning enough ear to collect all the right stuff.

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What do you do for a living?
Mick Buchanan:
Self-employed musician (It’s complicated!).

How did you get into music collecting?
Parents were both jazz musicians. They always had records around the house and played them. My dad wore-out three or four copies of “Sinatra at the Sands”!

What’s your record-collecting motto/philosophy?
Don’t ever get rid of anything, or you will regret it!

What is your favorite musical act of all time?
1960s and 1970s hippie music! Specifically, for me, it’s a tie between two LPs: from 1967, “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” by Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, and from 1968, “Kick Out the Jams” by the MC5.

What is the focus on for your collection (genre, band, era, etc.)?
I saw The Beatles in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla., on Sept. 11, 1964, and so that is when it started for me. Again, ’60s and ’70s hippie music!

What is your most-prized item (both in dollar value and sentimental value)?
A first pressing of the XXX rated “Kick Out the Jams” LP by the MC5 (shown above), and mine is autographed by brother Wayne Kramer!

What is your method of collecting? Where do you usually find the best bargains?
I’m always looking, wherever I go. Record shops, yard sales, flea markets ... you can find something good anywhere and everywhere. You just gotta keep your eyes open!

Who’s your favorite record store operator/record dealer, and why?
Curt McKenzie and Backtrack Records in central Florida. He always had the best selection.

How long have you been a Goldmine reader?
I started subscribing to both Goldmine and Discoveries [now defunct] back in the ’90s.

What do you like most about Goldmine (print and online)?
Wide array of music news, and usually no rap or hip-hop music

What would you like to see in Goldmine?
I would very much like to see an in-depth article on the MC5. I understand the three remaining members are making a new LP.

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