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Record Store Recon: Bill's Records

Imagine walking into the Library of Congress record section with rows and rows of records on shelves and in boxes. Welcome to Bill's!

By Dr. Disc


Name:Bill’s Records

Address:1317 S. Lamar St. Dallas TX 75215

Hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm; Sun: 1pm-10pm


STOCK: You may not find a lot of the bells and whistles you might find at “trendy” record stores, but you will find lots of records ... new and used. CDs and cassettes are everywhere. If it’s not in the store it’s likely that it was never made or it’s in Bill’s warehouse.


STAFF:Having the opportunity to sit down with Bill and listen to his stories is why I hit the pavement to find great stores. Bill shared some of the greatest stories of musicians that have come by the store. Many different musicians have paid tribute to Bill’s. Bill had a smile on his face when he told me how one of the members of The Circle Jerks is wearing a “Bill’s Records” shirt on the back cover of “Wonderful.”


STORE: Imagine walking into the Library of Congress record section with rows and rows of records on shelves and in boxes. There are records all over the place, yet Bill knows where most are — except when customers pull records, decide not to buy them and stick them in the wrong area. This is not a store you run in, grab one record and run out. Sure, you can do that, but then you would miss the fun of looking through the store and realizing how many records you still need to add to your collection. The store has been at this location for 10 years and Bill’s Records has been open for over 44 years. Billboard magazine once called Bill’s Records the “Largest mom and pop” record store in the country.


SELECTION: You will find every style of music possible, but what you won’t find are prices on anything. Bill tells me it’s all in his head. This allows him to offer people a fair price depending on what they buy and how much they buy. Little secret … treat him and the store nicely and you may get a great deal. Be a jerk and you may pay the standard price or be shown the door without what you wanted. I wish more stores operated like this.


SPECIAL MENTION: Bill’s does participate in Record Store Day. The store will also host in-store performances. Weezer played a few years ago. Make sure you check out the walls of the store; signed by a who’s who of musicians that have visited the store. This store is like a museum of music!

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