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Record Store Recon: JTB’s Groovy Record Room

What this record store, JTB’s Groovy Record Room, lacks in inventory stock, it makes up in its environment and the passion of its owner.

By Dr. Disc

Address: 3712 Highway 76, Cottontown, TN 37048
Shop Hours: Most Days, 10am-9pm
Phone:615-681-7551 Web Site: Find them on Facebook


The store stocks records — new and used — and some CDs. They carry a small supply of shirts. What this store lacks in stock, it makes up in its environment and the passion of the owner, Jason.


Jason Thomas Bradick is the ‘JTB’ in the Groovy Record Room. I love these types of owners. They have the passion for what records are all about. Jason has amazing stories that he wanted to share. He offered to help find something for me... even tried to order items. You can tell that he loves his record store and enjoys being there.


This may be the smallest stand-alone store that I’ve been in, but it works. First you have to find the store. As you wind the back roads of Tennessee, you start to wonder if you’re in the correct area; no businesses are around, and then you find it. At the end of a driveway is this cool, little store.


While the selection is light (you won’t find more than one copy of anything), what the store does have is impressive. I found a great punk collection from England, and you will find a lot of Japanese imports. If you want to find something you’re going to have to dive in and look through everything as there seems to be no order to his collection, or at least none that I could tell.


JTB’s does participate in Record Store Day and some day I hope to spend RSD there. Probably a really special day for this store. JTB can be found sometimes at record shows and his Facebook page helps drive traffic. Go find this store and dig through the great deals.