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Record Store Recon: The Record Lounge

This college town record store not only has a great selection of new and used vinyl but also collecting essentials.

By Dr. Disc

Name:The Record Lounge
Address:111 Division St. East Lansing, MI
Hours: Mon-Th: 11am-6pm; Fri-Sat: 11am-6pm; Sun: 12-5pm

STOCK: This college town record store not only has a great selection of new and used vinyl, but they carry vintage electronics, posters, T-shirts, some cassettes and even some reel-to-reel.


STAFF: During my visits to this store I have had the opportunity to meet the owner Heather Franey. Heather informed me that she is the only woman owner of a record store in the state of Michigan. She knows her music and the local music scene. She is also an avid tweeter and keeps her followers in the know with changes at the store or exciting activity updates. 


STORE: This store is clean, well-organized and bright. It is easy to pick through the inventory and does not require you to dig through boxes or stand on ladders to reach the back sections in the bins. As a college town record store they do a good job of attracting the students and the community.


SELECTION: The store carries new releases and a very good selection of the past popular releases. They carry most styles of music and will do special orders as requested.


SPECIAL MENTION: The Record Lounge does participate in National Record Store Day with live performances, selling the special releases and offering give-a-ways. The store also has no website, but they have a Facebook page and Twitter account.