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Record Store Recon: A Separate Reality Records

A Separate Reality Records is a no frills record store — just records… oh, and a Witchcraft Museum inside.

By Dr. Disc

Name:A Separate Reality Records
Address:2678 W. 14th St., Cleveland OH 44113
Hours: Mon: 12-7pm; Tues-Thurs: 11am-7pm;
Fri-Sat: 11am-8pm; Sun: 12-5pm
Web Site:

STOCK: This store is focused on used records. No frills, just records…and a Witchcraft Museum inside the store. With that said, they have quite an extensive collection of used records. These employees know how to work an estate sale for some amazing finds.


STAFF: The owner was not in on the day I stopped by, but the employee that was there was very helpful with all of the customers in the store. He was even nice enough to call the owner, on his off day, to price a unique record that I was looking to add to my collection.


STORE: No frills and very old school. Records everywhere. Plan on spending time as you will want to look through all of the bins. Great deals to be found and if it’s not priced, ask them make you a deal. They have some amazing $1 and $5 bins.


SELECTION: The best part of this store is finding things that you can’t find anywhere else. A great selection of rare punk, prog, psychedelic — and the prices are really fair.


SPECIAL MENTION: I selected this store because of the amazing used records you will find here. Wall-to-wall used records and specializing in stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

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