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Record Store Recon: Skully'z Recordz

Skully’z Recordz deserves attention. This is the BEST small store Recon has been in to date. Here's why.

By Dr. Disc

Name:Skully’z Recordz
Address:907 Bourbon St. New Orleans, Louisiana
Hours: Tues-Sat: 11am-8pm; Sun: 11am-6pm

PREFACE: This may be a first. Where you have two stores from the same state and city reviewed in the same year, but Skully’z Recordz deserves the attention. This is the BEST small store I have been in to date. Below you will see why.

STOCK: You will find LPs, 45s and CDs; new and used. Some T-shirts and some local musicians. You won’t find more than a few copies of most items due to the space limitations, but the store will order.


STAFF: Helpful and nice. On the day I stopped by I spoke with Michael. He shared stories about the store and its uniqueness. He was very willing to help me find anything I was looking for. When I asked for something that the store did not have they asked if I had visited another local store to see if they had it. 


STORE: How hard is it to keep a 10x24 foot store clean? Probably not that hard, but hard enough to make sure it doesn’t look cluttered. This store is well organized and easy to find what you are looking for. Michael told me that this location, on one of the most visited streets in America, is the reason why they opened this store in 2007, two years after Katrina.


SELECTION: The store specializes in the “underground” scene; Punk, Metal, Electronic... They have built up some great relationships with international distributors that allows them to offer artists and releases you won’t find anywhere else in the area. However, you can find the current “hits” also. They have rock, blues and local music.


SPECIAL MENTION: The store participates in RSD, but as you can imagine due to the size limitations they don’t have any instore performances. However, they have partnered with the local House of Blues on several occasions to offer special events. Add this to your list of places to visit, but get there before you start to get your drink on. You will want to remember this store!.

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