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Record Store Recon: Treehouse Records

Treehouse Records carry a good selection of LPs, CDs, store T-shirts and record care supplies.

By Dr. Disc

Name:Treehouse Records
Address:2557 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55405
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm; Sat: 11am-6pm; Sun: 12pm-5pm

STOCK: You will find CDs, LPs and 45s in both the new and used department. They carry a good selection of store T-shirts and record care supplies. They offer a 45 grab bag that contains 10 7-inch records for $2.00. Feel free to bring your old records, because they are happy to buy your collection.


STAFF:On the times I have stopped by I have the honor of working with Dan Cote, the store manager. He has been at the store for over 16 years and is a great person to just talk music with. He’s happy to tell you that Treehouse “has the best selection of new and used vinyl in the state.” The store is owned by Mark Trehus and he also operates the store in-house record label, Nero’s Neptune.


STORE: Think ‘80s record store and you won’t be disappointed. Easy to go through the bins and see what they have. Clean and always has great music playing in the store. There are small spots of “messy,” but that’s what makes it a fun store.


SELECTION: You will not only find most styles of music in new and used, but the prices are really fair. They have a great local section and always have records from their own label available.


SPECIAL MENTION: The store does participate in National Record Store day and the Black Friday sales. Some years they will offer live music during the events. Love their tag line and the story behind it; in 2001, a time when the vinyl market was at a low and stores were closing all over the place they created “The World’s Last Record Store.” They have stuck with it and although they are not the world’s last they might be one of the best. Make this a destination location!

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