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Record Store Recon visits Waiting Room Records

This record store carries a small selection of music memorabilia and shirts. But where they're short in merchandise they make up for in records and CDs.
outside waiting

By Dr. Disc

Name: Waiting Room Records
Address: 113 N. North St., Normal, IL 61761
Hours: Mon-Sat 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sun Noon - 5 p.m.
Phone: 309-452-4222

STOCK: The store carries a small selection of music memorabilia and shirts. Where they are short in music merchandise they make up for in records and CDs. The store has a great inventory. They also carry some local talent.


STAFF: When I have visited the store I have had the opportunity to talk music with the owner, Jared. The guy knows his stuff and is happy to talk music, record stores or anything Bloomington/Normal. Two other stores are within one minute of his store and he never talks bad about the other stores. He will just talk about how they all meet a need for music lovers. Wish there were more record store people like him.


STORE: This is a nice-sized, independent store. Very clean and organized. There is always music playing. It’s easy to move around, but I would imagine that for big sale days it might be a little tight in the store.


SELECTION: What makes this store unique over a lot of other stores this size is its selection. They may not have a lot of copies of the big titles, but they have one or two copies of most new releases. They carry rock, blues, jazz, county, heavy metal and a good selection of punk.I would say that their selection takes care of the college students from the two major colleges yet offers what the older collector is looking for also. You can also order from their website.

Inside Waiting

SPECIAL MENTION: Waiting Room Records participates in Record Store Day. Jared told me that they usually have a long line at the start and that he orders what he can. He prints out sheets and hands them out to the people in line so people can identify what they want before they walk in. The store carries special “store” shirts with the store cat on them, so make sure you get the new one before it sells out.

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