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Top 5 best-selling records on eBay in May 2022: Led Zeppelin, the Damned, more

Led Zeppelin sealed box set, Japanese 45 for the Damned, Northern Soul single and more are part of the Top 5 records records sold on eBay during May 2022 for our latest Market Watch report.

By Frank Daniels

These were the top-selling records on eBay during the month of May 2022.



1. Led Zeppelin

Boxed set of 10 albums spread across 48 twelve-inch 45-RPM discs

Atlantic (Classic) RTH-3001-45

Condition: M- (all) sealed in cardboard box

Sold for: $15,099.99

With the set of albums sealed in its original packaging, this copy tops all previous sales.



2. Odyssey

Setting Forth

Organic ORG-1

Purple label promotional copy in white cover.

Condition: VG+/VG+

Sold for: $10,868.00

Vinny Kusy was living on Long Island (NY) when he met Lou Yovino and decided to form the psych band called Odyssey. Joe Docko, Dave Keene and John Willems were the other original members. By the middle of 1970, the band consisted of Lou, Vinny, John Willems, Dennis Pennaga, and Ray Lesch. They recorded this, their first album, in A1 Studios on West 74th Street. They met Joe Carlton, who had been the head of Carlton Records until 1964, who had also worked for ABC, and who had just debuted a new label, Organic Productions, in late October. Organic pressed between 500 and 1,000 copies (according to an interview with Kusy), and since they could not agree on a cover design, those promotional copies went out in a plain white cover. The band still existed, with lineup changes, at least through 1974, but they never became popular. This album, though, became legendary. It saw reissues in 1990 and 2006, but this original remains elusive for collectors.



3. The 5 Chimes

”Rosemarie”/ “Never Love Another”

Betta 2011

Condition: VG

Sold for: $9,601.00

The Chimes were Arthur Crier, Gary Morrison, John Murray and Gene Redd. Although there were four group members, Teddy Reig’s record label billed one of their two releases as the “5 Chimes.” Their other single (Royal Roost 577) came out in October 1953 – listing the correct group name. This release, on Betta – a subsidiary of Royal Roost – added the “5.” I do not know whether this single preceded or followed the one on Royal Roost. However, fewer than five genuine copies are known to exist on 45 RPM, making this a highly-sought-after rarity. The first edition of the R&B price guide (in 1980) valued it at $200!



4. The Inticers

“Since You Left”/ “I Got to Find Me a Baby”

Baby Luv BL-0036

Condition: VG++

Sold for: $8,800.00

January 1968 saw the release of this single from the Inticers. Both sides were written by Harold Andrews, the owner of Baby Luv Records. This is a classic example of late '60s soul from the bay area in California. It was reissued on the Soul Galore label in 1975, at which time it was exported to the U.K. – becoming a “northern soul” classic.



5. The Damned

“Neat Neat Neat”/ “Stab Yor Back”

Stiff (Japan) ILR-20273

White label, with picture sleeve and lyric insert

Condition: VG+/VG+

Sold for: $5,634.90

Although the U.K. original is not very hard to find, original Japanese copies are scarce. At least for the time being, this is the highest-selling copy of the single – which was the group’s second.


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