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The Top 5 records sold on eBay in March 2022

Goldmine's Market Watch: These were the top-selling records on eBay during the month of March 2022.

By Frank Daniels



1. Leonid Kogan (Paris Conservatoire)

Beethoven: Violin Concerto

Columbia (UK) SAX-2386

Condition: VG++/NM-

Sold for: $12,024.27

Kogan is back with a vengeance. This copy of the album has topped them all (so far), making us wonder what will come up for sale next.



2. Arthur Willis & Soulful Dynamics

“The Hurting is Over”/ “I’ve Got to Find a Way”

Mars La Tour MLT-2051A

Condition: G+

Sold for: $9,088.00

Mars La Tour was a local label operating out of Marietta, Georgia. One of the labels run by Carl Queen, MLT released local (Atlanta) groups, being best known for country/hillbilly and soul releases. Not much is known about the group themselves. This was their only release, and genuine copies are as scarce as can be. Collectors who recognized its “holy-grail” status bid it up into the stratosphere.



3. Samhain


Plan 9 PL9-04

Condition: VG++/VG++

Sold for: $8,000.00

Glenn Danzig’s Samhain released their first album on Danzig’s Plan 9 label in August 1984. This album launched the group’s career. Fast forward to today, and the record is a rare collectible. Not a counterfeit, this copy of the splash-vinyl album is genuine — and was in fine shape except for some writing on the labels.



4. Led Zeppelin

Boxed set of 10 albums spread across 48 12-inch 45-RPM discs

Atlantic (Classic) RTH-3001-45

Condition: M- (all)

Sold for: $7,877.77

This beautiful copy of the boxed set topped the sales of similar records that appeared for sale last year. According to the seller, the owner had recently passed away, leaving a beautiful collectors’ set behind — to be appreciated by someone new.



5. Chuck Cockerham

“Have I Got a Right”/ “Hey There”

Mala M 12036

Condition: About VG+ with two BB holes.

Sold for: $6,044.00

As readers of Goldmine saw in this column last year, Cockerham was in between his participation in soul groups when he released this solo single in 1969. Soul collectors now seek his only solo single, so that it is escalating in value as more collectors come to appreciate its place in history.

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