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Value keeps growing for Led Zeppelin reunion set

Dave Thompson answers a question about the worth of a limited-edition Zep LP called The Grand Levitation
An early photo of Led Zeppelin. Rhino Media/Courtesy of Atlantic Records

An early photo of Led Zeppelin. Rhino Media/Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Question: First off, love the mag. Have been reading it for 25 years now; thank you for keeping the record [vinyl] junkies our fix!!! Keep up the great work.
My question is: I have just picked up a record by Led Zeppelin from the historic reunion tour in London. The LP is called The Grand Levitation; it is on clear vinyl with a limited-edition of 100 worldwide. How valuable is this LP, please? I’ve had many collectors putting a price of between $1,500 and $2,500 in still-sealed condition.

And, there is a copy of the same LP on red vinyl. Do you or could you give me some more insight on this, please? Thank you.
— Michael Martin, Buffalo, N.Y.

Answer: This really is a beautiful item, a six-sided recounting of the historic O2 arena show that reprises the old TMOQ bootleg logo, and available not only as a clear-vinyl edition, but also in white, red and green (solid and transparent vinyl) and black, and finally as a picture-disc set.
All were produced in editions of 100 copies apart from the picture disc, which ran to 200. A heavy-duty sleeve, well designed and illustrated, completes the picture — and the music is pretty good as well, an excellent audience recording that really captures the excitement of the night.
As for value — I’m not sure the price for this has quite reached four figures yet, but they are definitely heading that way, and I’ve heard of copies selling for upwards of $500. Zeppelin are still one of the most collectible bands in the world, after all.

Question answered by Dave Thompson

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