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What is the best John Lennon solo album to collect?

And it's not what you'd Imagine …

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If you've decided to start investing in collectible vinyl of John Lennon's solo work. Beatles historian and record collector Frank Daniels outlines the following summary for you.

Yes, record companies will reissue albums — and that's fine — but what about original vinyl. Which Lennon record is the best to invest in and which one is worth the most?



By Frank Daniels 

The items that see steady increase from year to year are the older and less common ones — in high grade. For John Lennon, this would mean albums like Two Virgins (especially the U.K. mono copy), the Wedding Album (especially sealed copies) and records from the Apple period that are already hard to find.

A white-label promotional copy of Some Time in New York City can sell for $2,000 or more in top condition. A sealed Wedding Album can also fetch $2,000. The John & Yoko interview EP on Japanese Apple Records (Apple 3ER-312) is highly sought-after, because it wasn’t available elsewhere. It sells for $1,200 to $1,600. A white-label promotional copy of “Happy Xmas” sells for $1,000 to $1,500.

A genuine copy of John Lennon Sings the Great Rock & Roll Hits (shown above) also sells in that range of $1,000 to $1,500, but there are so many fakes out there that you will need to make sure your copy is properly and clearly identified — both when you buy it and when you sell it. Eight-track tapes of the album are even scarcer, but for now, fewer people collect them.

Complete press kits to the Walls and Bridges album are hard to find and may bring $800. As usual for me, this list excludes acetates, test pressings, personally-owned and autographed items. Naturally, an authentic Lennon signature would add to the value of any item.

To build a base collection, one might look for sealed copies of all of his LPs — with promotional “hype” stickers, wherever those were available. Myself, I’d buy copies to listen to, also, since John’s music is that creative piece of himself that he left behind for everyone to enjoy.