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'Xanadu' picture disc soars in price, along with other top-selling records on eBay

These were the top-selling records on eBay during the month of June 2022.

By Frank Daniels 

An Olivia Newton-John/Electric Light Orchestra pictured disc, Nirvana's SubPop gem, rare funk and doo-wop singles and, of course, Beatles! The following were the top-selling records on eBay during the month of June 2022.



1. Olivia Newton-John and the Electric Light Orchestra


MCA MC-10384/L-2315

10” single, picture disc

Promotional Copy

Condition: M-

Sold for: $8,655.00

After the sale of a copy earlier in this year attracted attention to the rare collectible, this one topped it, with a very respectable hammer price.



2. Fluorescent Smogg

“Little Joe”/ “All My Life”

WG UR-830

Condition: M-

Sold for: $7,587.00

In approximately 1977, Wilbert and Gerald Harrison played occasionally with Seventh Wonder and were part of Fluorescent Smogg, both of which recorded for William Garrison’s WG label. Flourescent Smogg morphed into LA Connection in the early 1980s — a group that earned a contract with MCA. This late funk single was almost lost in time…until collectors discovered it!



3. Nirvana

“Love Buzz”/ “Big Cheese”

Sub-Pop 23

Genuine black-label copy.

Condition: VG++/M-

Sold for: $6,551.00

This numbered limited edition was the only way to get the record when it first came out in 1988. At the time, they were just a local band from Washington state, and this was their first single. The single didn’t chart in any country that released it, and so it remains as one of those sought-after first releases from a band that later made it big. If you want to hear Nirvana in their original raw form, you need this record. Collectors answered that call this month on eBay.



4. The Clefftones

“The Masquerade is Over”/ “My Dearest Darling”

Old Town 1011

Condition: M-

Sold for: $6,201.00

This beauty is a rare doo-wop single from early 1955 in the 45-RPM format. This group called the Clefftones was based in the Bronx, New York. Cas Bridges and Cliff Driver started the group in late 1954, and in early March 1955 they entered the studio and recorded at least five songs for Old Town. Later that same month, Old Town released the single, but it went nowhere, and the other songs remained unreleased. The group disbanded shortly thereafter, leaving one single behind as a rarity at both speeds (78 and 45).



5. The Beatles, Frank Ifield

The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage

Vee-Jay VJLP-1085

Portrait cover

Condition: M-/VG-

Sold for: $6,109.99

With its original company inner sleeve, genuine copies of this album are difficult to find with the cover in nice shape. Only a lower-grade record (on a label with the brackets logo) kept this one from selling higher. The album was out for months in 1964 with a cover that shows a drawing of an older gentleman. Not long before Vee-Jay had to stop pressing Beatles records (October 1964), Vee-Jay replaced the original cover art with this drawing that they had previously used on the picture sleeve that Jim Johnson had designed for the “Love Me Do” single. Vee-Jay only printed a few thousand copies of this cover, and most of them are not known to have survived today.