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Taking Suzi Moon and her band record shopping

Goldmine took Moon and her band to Hoarders Trading Post in St. Charles, Illinois, for quite the crate dig.

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Vocalist Suzi Moon goes record shopping at Hoarders Trading Post in St. Charles, IL.

Vocalist Suzi Moon goes record shopping at Hoarders Trading Post in St. Charles, IL.

By Dr. Disc

Camper Van Beethoven may have taken the skinheads bowling, but Goldmine had the opportunity to take The Suzi Moon band record shopping. While Moon was in town to play with The Dead Boys, The Briefs and The Poison Boys, I had the opportunity to connect with Tom and Neil from the podcast Punk Til I Die and offer to take Suzi and the boys shopping at Hoarders Trading Post in St. Charles, IL. Russ, the owner of Hoarders, was nice enough to keep the store open extra late so that the band had plenty of time to find what they were looking for.

Suzi, Drew (Champion, guitarist), Patti (Bo, bassist) and Neil (Ganesha, drummerhit the store with a passion. Russ was able to locate almost everything that the band was looking for. Patti got Two Sevens Clash by Culture; a record that he had owned before, but never on vinyl. He was turned on to this original because Mick Jones, of the Clash, used to always talk about it. He also picked up the classic Funkadelic release, Maggot Brain, telling me how much he loved the iconic cover. Neil went a different direction focusing his time in the heavy metal and punk sections where he picked up a live Joy Division record recorded in France. Neil stated that the album had a certain raw energy that drew him into the band. This album showed a different side to the band. This was his gateway band into post-punk. Additionally, he picked up Venom Live at Hammersmith Odeon. This album is extra special to Neil because he has worked at the Odeon, and it gives a little personal touch for him.


Suzi hit almost every bin in the store looking for the right records. Before the shopping even started Goldmine was able to present her with the two records she had talked about wanting from her recent interview on the first-edition Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bollocks, and Aretha Franklin's I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You. Suzi’s first find was Madonna’s Like a Virgin. Suzi not only looks to Madonna for inspiration for how to be a fearless woman in the arts, but she finds this record to be a "f**king classic, with such an iconic cover." She next picked up The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, a pop rock classic that she will be able to sing along to every one of the songs. The last record she found was a Bille Holiday compilation called Embraceable You. Suzi was excited to get to listen to this album and playing it while at home cooking and helping her get into a great head space.

Suzi band member

Drew spent the most time talking with Russ, and the owner of the store was excited to get to pull out some behind-the-counter jazz records for Drew to dive into. Drew did pick out a rerelease of Metallica’s Ride the Lightning because this was the first metal record he got turned on to. This is the record that created his passion for metal. He also picked up The Essential Charlie Parker. Drew grew up playing jazz and while he doesn’t get to play much of it currently, he does want to get back to it some day.


All in all, the band had a great time at Hoarders, and I know this because they told me straight out. Suzi said that when they got back into the van, they mostly talked about the record store — they could all tell that Russ was a music guy and the music he had in the store was probably like the music he had in his own collection. Suzi told me, “It’s a great curated record store. It was so easy to get around. It just felt very homey.” Neil was amazed with all the great electronic gear Russ had on the other side of the store, too. Drew said, “We could have spent the whole day there!”

I found it interesting that a punk band did not select a single punk record, and when I shared that with Drew, he told me that being a punk band, they "get enough of that music all the time. 

"We love all styles of music," concluded Drew, "and this store had them." 

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