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Barcelona's Stay are in it for the Long Haul

Barcelona’s Stay were among the earliest acts to appear on Fruits de Mer, with a three track single just the third release in the catalog. A second release, the Mersey Dream EP followed on Regal Crabomophone. Goldmine sits down with mainstay Jordo Bel to learn this amazing band’s background


GM: How long has Stay been together... could you give us a potted history please?

JB: Stay is an indie psych pop band from Barcelona formed in early 2000's. The first single is from 2005 (Wild Thing Records) but before that, a demo was released by an english label Matchbox Recordings, in 2004. The main influences are sixties UK and US psych pop, 90's Brit pop and Madchesterian sounds, bands like The Byrds, Beatles, Stones, Charlatans, etc.

Starting to Lose Control is the first LP and two singles were extracted from this. The band keep on their influences but also have a look to late-60’s American sound and vocals work from bands like CSN&Y or The Byrds. Good reviews permitted the band to play in important national festivals like Primavera Sound 06.

Things You Cannot See is the second album and follows the path of the first, but with a more authentic sound, warmer, that experiments with Hammonds, sitar, theremin, Farfisa keyboard and Moogs and hold a work full of pop, soul, garage and freak-beat.

Passport to Freedom is the third album and includes vocals collaboration by Daniel Wylie (exCosmic Rough Riders). We appeared in Liverpool at the IPO Fest and as the opening band for Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye in Madrid in 2011. All these things made Stay to rethink the need of going to UK to record new stuff, pervaded with pure pop feelings (absent in Spain) and expand limits. That's why the fourth album The Fourth Dimension was planned and recorded in Liverpool in an old school way, at Happy Beat Studios.

GM: What are Stay's musical influences... or just the kind of stuff you like?

JB: Old: Byrds, Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, Nuggets, Mod classics, Humble Pie, Stone Roses, Oasis, Charlatans, Brian Jonestown Massacre. New: Temples, See See, Alfa9, Coral, Tame Impala, Sulk, Dirty Rivers, Elephant Stone...

GM: Your most recent FdM release, Mersey Dream, has to be one of my favorites.. Tell us about it please.

JB: I told Keith from Fruits de Mer months ago about releasing some of our own stuff and little by little the idea saw the light. We had one unreleased song from the Liverpool sessions and showed to him. Then he invited us to record three new covers. It was a bit stressful, because we had to find slots between spring gigs, but we are very proud of the final result and we are very happy about the recent reviews. We’d also like to mention our studio engineer, Beatles fan Roger Rodés (who worked with Jon Auer and the Posies) and his mixing skills!.

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