Earbuds that rate a 9 on a 10 scale

The Urbanista London earbuds are a 9 on a 10 scale. Why bury the lead? These headphones give you everything you would want out of a pair of high-end earbuds.
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The Urbanista London earbuds

The Urbanista London earbuds

By Alan Brostoff

Company: Urbanista
Product: London earbuds
Retail price: $149.00

The Urbanista London earbuds are a 9 on a 10 scale. Why bury the lead? These headphones have met my needs in everything you would want out of a pair of high-end earbuds.

The 25-hour battery life did not fail, as I was able to listen all day with no issues. But even if I had run out, I could have just popped the earbuds back in the case and they would charge — as the case offers up to four charges before you will need to recharge the case. Yes, you can charge the case without the earbuds in them.

The "London" offers active noise resistance, is water resistant, has voice control and touch control, and the feature I enjoyed the most was when watching a show. If I removed one of the earbuds the show I was watching would pause automatically. While I was not excited about the color they sent me to sample — Rose Gold —they offer four other color choices; Midnight Black, White Pearl, Dark Sapphire and Burgundy Red.

The London model comes with three different ear plugs to change to fit different sizes. It’s a nice fit that allows for easy change if you want to. One negative is that when I tried to wear these while doing some more aggressive activities, like running fast, a couple of times they fell out. The one other big negative I had was that the charging cord for the case is only about six inches long. I am a fan of at least a three foot charging cord. I felt very limited to where I could recharge it.

At a retail price of $149, these earbuds are a great deal. If you are thinking about buying anyone else’s earbuds on the market, try these first and you won't be disappointed. 

Go to www.urbanista.com/us/london to order.

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