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Fabulous Flip Sides of new label Diddy Wah Records

Reno Bo’s Diddy Wah Records debuts this week with a pair of singles, 1960s soul sound from The Marvelles with Amber Woodhouse, and a double-sided surf guitar instrumental pair from The Tarantinos
Diddy main

GOLDMINE: Congratulations on your new Nashville record company, debuting this week. I like your motto, “We Make ‘em Like They Used To.”

RENO BO: Thank you. Diddy Wah Records is my humble little version of what Phil Spector did with The Wrecking Crew back in the 1960s. I make calls to some great session players in Nashville and we make a record. That's the foundation.

Diddy Marvelles

GM: You have arrived just as we lost Phil Spector this month. Let’s start with the first single, “Buried Treasure” by The Marvelles. It sounds like 1970s Sister Sledge traveling back to the 1960s, and the chorus reminds me of European soul sounds I loved hearing at the turn of this century. I think this song has broad and global potential.

RB: I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying the music we are putting out. I was actively looking for a lead singer for The Marvelles. I knew the group needed someone who channeled great singers like Betty Everett, Irma Thomas and Fontella Bass. I saw Amber Woodhouse singing at a club in Nashville one night and was immediately drawn to her voice and presence. I thought she'd be perfect for The Marvelles. She has both power and tenderness in her voice. When we cut the track, that all came through on "Buried Treasure."

Amber Woodhouse, Facebook

Amber Woodhouse, Facebook

GM: It sure did, and Amber is a smooth saxophonist, too. I hope you can also find a spot for her sax on future recordings. In the 1960s, we thought our 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Tarantino was pretty cool. Your group, The Tarantinos, may be even cooler with their two new songs. “Durango Twist” is so intense and fun, like a 1960s television or film dance soundtrack.

RB: Mrs. Tarantino sounds like she was cool enough to do the “Durango Twist.” I'm sure your 3rd grade class would have gladly paid a school day's worth of lunch money to witness that, ha ha.

Diddy Durango

GM: That would have been something to see. How did these songs come together?

RB: The guys just stretched out and started playing surf riffs inspired by Dick Dale and The Ventures. "El Guapo" started as a jam because we needed some background music for a weekly radio show that I host. After that, "Durango Twist" came together within minutes. By the end of the session, The Tarantinos were born.

Diddy Guapo

The Tarantinos

Flip side: El Guapo

A side: Durango Twist

January 26, 2021

Diddy Wah DWR 45002

GM: I can imagine people at a party doing the stroll to “El Guapo.” Are these singles planned for a vinyl release?

RB: As a brand-new start-up company, our format is digital only for the time being. My hope is that I can build the label up enough to start doing vinyl 7" singles.

GM: Well, we will spread the word so that people check out your website where they can hear all three of these songs in their entirety. What a great way to start off 2021! Congratulations again and we look forward to more songs from Diddy Wah Records.

RB: Thank you. Your support at Goldmine means a lot. It will be great to connect with fans of these genres.

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