Spin Cycle's Best New Albums of 2013

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It's December, which means it's that time again. Listed alphabetically, because there's no way to decide, Spin Cycle's favorite albums of the year. (So far....)


Tim Bowness + Peter Chilvers - California Norfolk (label profile coming soon)

Beautify Junkyards - Beautiful Junkyards (read interview here)

Country Parish MusicIntroducing Country Parish Music (interview coming soon)

Crystal Jacqueline - Sun Arise(read review here)


Judy Dyble - Flow and Change (read review here)

Martin Gordon - Include Me Out (interview coming soon)

Jefferson Hamer & Anais Mitchell - Child Ballads(read interview here)

Roy Harper - Man and Myth (read review here)

Head South by Weaving & Alison O’Donnell - The Execution of Frederick Baker (read interview here)


Schizo Fun Addict - The Sun Yard (read interview here)/free download here

Sendelica - the Kaleidoscopic Cat & it’s Autoscopic Ego(read interview here)

TV Smith - Acoustic Sessions (read review here)


Linda Thompson - Won’t Be Long Now(read review here)

Nik Turner - Space Gypsy(read news story here)

various - Fruits de Mer/Regal Crabophone Annuals 2014(read label profile here)

+ one for next year

United Bible Studies - Rosary Bleeds (read a preview here)