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Spin Cycle's Best New Albums of 2013

It's December, which means it's that time again. Listed alphabetically, because there's no way to decide, Spin Cycle's favorite albums of the year. (So far....)


Tim Bowness + Peter Chilvers - California Norfolk (label profile coming soon)

Beautify Junkyards - Beautiful Junkyards (read interview here)

Country Parish MusicIntroducing Country Parish Music (interview coming soon)

Crystal Jacqueline - Sun Arise(read review here)


Judy Dyble - Flow and Change (read review here)

Martin Gordon - Include Me Out (interview coming soon)

Jefferson Hamer & Anais Mitchell - Child Ballads(read interview here)

Roy Harper - Man and Myth (read review here)

Head South by Weaving & Alison O’Donnell - The Execution of Frederick Baker (read interview here)


Schizo Fun Addict - The Sun Yard (read interview here)/free download here

Sendelica - the Kaleidoscopic Cat & it’s Autoscopic Ego(read interview here)

TV Smith - Acoustic Sessions (read review here)


Linda Thompson - Won’t Be Long Now(read review here)

Nik Turner - Space Gypsy(read news story here)

various - Fruits de Mer/Regal Crabophone Annuals 2014(read label profile here)

+ one for next year

United Bible Studies - Rosary Bleeds (read a preview here)