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Spin Cycle's Best of 2018

Another year, another list.And, once again, the release racks prove that whatever else is wrong with the state of music today, there’s an awful lot that’s right as well. And, strictly alphabetically, here it is.


Steve Ashley - One More Thing (Market Square)

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Judy Dyble - Earth is Sleeping (Acid Jazz)

Martin Gordon - Thanks for all the Fish (Radiant Future)

Walter Lure & The Waldos - Wacka Lacka Loom Bop A Loom Bam Boo (Cleopatra)

Jim McCarty - Walking in the Wild Land (Angel Air)

Amy Rigby - The Old Guys (Southern Domestic)

TV Smith - Land of the Overdose (JKP)

Suede - the Blue Hour (Warners)

Linda Thompson - Presents My Mother Doesn’t Know I’m On The Stage(Omnivore)

Wreckless Eric - Construction Time & Demolition (Southern Domestic)


Beautify Junkyards - The Invisible World (Ghost Box)

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Brian Bordello - The Death of Brian (Metal Postcard)

Helium - Custard Flux (Bandcamp)

Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign - The Window On The Side Of Your Head (Mega Dodo)

The Left Outsides - All That Remains

Octopus Syng - Victorian Wonders (Mega Dodo)

Rowan: Morrison - In The Sunshine We Rode the Horses (Miller Sounds)

Schizo Fun Addict - El Shoegaze Bossa Nova (Sugarbush Records)

Sendelica - Cromlech Chronicles III (Regal Crabomophone))

Us & Them - On Shipless Ocean (Mega Dodo)


Danny Adler/Luther Tucker - Brussels Midnight Blues (DA Legacy)

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The Bordellos - Debt Sounds (Bandcamp)

Linda Clifford - catalog (Blixa Sounds)

Comus - First Utterance (Esoteric)

Curved Air - catalog (Esoteric)

Fuchsia - Fuchsia (Fruits de Mer)

King Blank - The Real Dirt Album plus Singles A + B Sides (Beggars Banquet)

The Lords of the New Church - The Lords of the New Church Special Edition (Blixasounds)

Richard Strange - The Phenomenal Rise of Richard Strange (

The Upsetters - Return of Django/Eastwood Rides Again (Doctor Bird)


Crystal Jacqueline/The Honey Pot - We Fill In Forms and Mow The Lawns (Fruits de Mer/Friends of the Fish)

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Marianne Faithfull - Come and Stay With Me (ABKCo)

Cary Grace - Covers Vol 1 (music.carygrace,com)

Mick Ronson - Beside Bowie (Universal)

v/a - A Year In The Country - The Quietened Mechanisms (AYITC)

v/a - Blaze soundtrack (Light in the Attic)

v/a - Goldfish: 10 Years of Fruits de Mer Records (Fruits de Mer)

v/a - Greater Jamaica Moonwalk Reggae / Reggay At its Best (Doctor Bird)

v/a - The Three Seasons: The Spring, Summer and Autumn of Love (Fruits de Mer)

v/a - Tiddlywinks (Mega Dodo)


Alison O'Donnell - The Road We Know (Mega Dodo)

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Black Sabbath - Supersonic Years – The Seventies Singles (box set) (Warner Bros/Rhino)

The Bordellos - Underground Tape Vol 13/I Hate Pink Floyd Without Syd Barrett (Bandcamp)

The Chemistry Set - Firefly (Regal Crabomophone)

Ilona V - the Missing FdM Single EP (Fruits de Mer/Friends of the Fish)

nick nicely - All Along the Watchtower (Regal Crabomophone)

The Pretty Things - The Same Sun (Fruits de Mer)

Phil Rambow - Love Rock EP (RDJ)

Sex Clark Five - Mrs. Von Braun You've Got A Lovely Daughter EP (Records to Russia)

Us & Them - From the Corner of my Mind EP (Mega Dodo)


Eddie and the Hot Rods - The Island Years (Caroline)

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Lefty Frizzell - An Article from Life (Bear Family)

King Crimson - Meltdown (Panegyric)

Public Image Ltd - The Public Image is Rotten: Songs from the Heart (Universal)

Roxy Music - Roxy Music (Universal)

Soft Cell - Keychains & Snowstorms (Universal)

Tangerine Dream - The Pink Years 1970-1973 (Esoteric)

v/a - The Contempo Story 1973-1977: The Original Home of Soul(BG/Soul Time)

v/a - Battleground Korea: Songs and Sounds of America’s Forgotten War(Bear Family)

v/a - Burning Britain: A Story of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983 (Cherry Red)


Brett Anderson - Coal Black Mornings

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Garth Cartwright - Going For A Song: A Chronicle Of The UK Record Shop

Shirley Collins - All in the Downs: Reflections on Life, Landscape, and Song

Marco “Frenchy” Gloder/Greg Healey - Flicknife Records and Other Adventures

Peter Golding and Barry Miles- Rock Graphic Originals: Revolutions in Sonic Art from Plate to Print '55 -’88

Greg Healey - Not in Front of the Children: Hidden Histories in Kids TV

Mary Lee Kortes(editor) - Dreaming of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob Richard Lloyd - Everything is Combustible

Stephen Prince - A Year in the Country. Walking Through Spectral Fields: Journeys in Otherly Pastoralism, the Further Reaches of Folk and the Parallel Worlds of Hauntology

Kimmie Rhodes and Joe Gracey - Radio Dreams: The Story of An Outlaw DJ and A Cosmic Cowgirl

Fee Warner - A Trip Through Ladbroke Grove - The Life & Times of Steve Peregrin Took