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A collector’s most treasured Ricky Nelson item

Colored vinyl of Ricky Nelson on Imperial Records is one collector's most treasured item.
Ricky Nelson colored vinyl on Imperial Records

Ricky Nelson colored vinyl on Imperial Records

By Kent McCombs

There are so many valued items and memorabilia that were made and released for Ricky Nelson that it’s difficult to point to one as being more favored than another.

I personally love Ricky’s colored red-vinyl on Imperial Records, of which very few were made, for some reason. Lew Chudd released the colored vinyl for Ricky on just four different 45 RPM vinyl records. I’ve been fortunate over the years to have copies of each. Only one,

“Lonesome Town” in red vinyl on Imperial Records, was ever made, and I was able to procure that via an Imperial Records manufacturing plant.
Of interest to some collectors, it’s not widely known that Imperial Records released Ricky’s first LP (“Ricky”) that went on to gold status on in 1957, in red vinyl. I purchased it at an estate auction of someone who knew Ricky and collected Ricky memorabilia throughout his lifetime.

Only one of these red-vinyl LPs of Ricky’s is known to exist. The price is listed in Jerry Osborne’s “Rockin’ Records Price Guide,” but I’m sure Goldmine’s Price Guide will soon catch up, as it was authenticated when I first purchased it. It’s the real deal.

Above is a photograph of my vinyl that my framer and restoration coordinator installed in a shadow box for me with florescent lighting and protective glass. It’s quite the vision. We mounted it next to the blue vinyl stereo LP that was released in more quantity in 1960 called “More Songs By Ricky” using the mono label format (with stars), but pressing it in true stereo.

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