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Announcing the winners of Kinks Goldmine Giveaway, week 1

Find out what the winners of week one of the Kinks Goldmine Giveaway posted to get their prize

Congratulations to the following winners of week one of our three week Kinks Goldmine Giveaway! They have each won "The Kinks" Deluxe Edition. The centerpiece of the 1964 debut album from lead singer/rhythm guitarist Ray Davies,lead guitarist and brother Dave Davies, bassist Pete Quaife and drummer Mick Avory is “You Really Got Me,” with its riff to end all riffs. Yet the follow up single “All Day And All Of The Night” also charted #7 in the U.S. The Deluxe Edition <> adds an astonishing 42 more selections to the original U.K. release, including the entire album in mono and the Kinks-Size EP.


Here are the winners and their posts on why they love The Kinks and "The Kinks" album:

Mary Ann Broadstone
I was a nine year old girl in a small town in Kentucky when I heard the first notes from “You Really Got Me” and at that moment the Kinks “got me”! It helped that I grew up in a large music-loving family and when the Brits reached us via AM radio and occasional appearances on Ed Sullivan we were hooked. Went off to college in the mid 70s with my vinyl collection and Muswell Hillbilly at the top of the play list. Always loved them; always felt their music was timeless and inspiring. Recently discovered some of Ray Davies: The Storyteller and Other People’s Lives and fell in love all over again. Now I need to hear everything they ever recorded. Please help!

Tom Dellaquila
56 tracks. 56 TRACKS!!!!! If they were all on some form of vinyl, you would get a kink in your back hauling them around! I love the Deluxe Editions of albums that have been coming out for years; I have many of them and really am impressed with them. Open the vaults!!!!

Brian L. MIlls
I would love to have this collection. The Kinks’ Powerman vs Apeman was the first music I bought as a teen . I bought the 8-Track and played it until I broke the tape. The Kinks music always brings me back to the time of Oh my Lola.

Jon Greenwood
I would like to win this because the MONO version I bought in 1965 is kind of wearing out. The cover is in a “record frame” & the LP is filed w/my other KINKS albums under “K”. I first saw them “live” in 1970 (w/Nicky Hopkins on piano) & then again in 1971. They, amazingly, still wore their 1964 “uniforms” & remain one of the BEST bands I ever saw!

John Scarpelli
There’s a group that’s been around,
since the early sixties from London Town.
You see Ray & the boys are seldom heard.
Of most of their classics you don’t hear a word.
Most folks would rather hear something new.
But let’s give credit to where credit’s due.

For those of you who haven't won ... no fear. The "The Kinks" Deluxe Edition can be purchased here.

However, there are two more weeks to win the Deluxe Editions of "Kinda Kinks" and "Kinks Kontroversy." Click here for more how to do that.

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