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Announcing the winners of Kinks Goldmine Giveaway, week two

Here are the five lucky winners of "Kinda Kinks: The Deluxe Edition" and what they had to say

Congratulations to the following winners of week two of our three week Kinks Goldmine Giveaway! They have each won "Kinda Kinks" Deluxe Edition. Unlike its predecessor which included numerous covers, this 1965 album was almost wholly penned by Ray Davies, including the melancholy “Tired Of Waiting For You,” which at #6 was the band’s highest-ever U.S. charter. The Deluxe Edition adds 23 more selections, among them the Kwyet Kinks EP (with “A Well Respected Man,” the original Britpop number which also ushered in Davies as social commentator), the single “See My Friends” (the first example of Indian influence in rock music) and several songs The Kinks never released (notably a demo of “I Go To Sleep,” recorded by Peggy Lee and later a hit for The Pretenders).


Here are the winners and their posts on why they love The Kinks and "Kinda Kinks" album:

Gary Black
I’m so tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting to WIN

John Peterson
“Kinda Kinks” was and is just a great Rock and Roll album. What other reasons could I come up with other than that they are no longer in my collection cause some low life stole my collection about 20 years ago and I never found this one to replace.

Bob O.
Ray Davies was as perfect a chronicler of Britain in the ’60′s as any poet of the time. And these 3 Cd’s are the first evidence of just how great a songsmith he was going to be. Gotta own these!!

Scooter Lesley
I certainly want to win the new De-luxe editions of The Kinks. It’s quite simple: Rock & Roll has backbone. The Beatles may account for 4-vertabra, The Rolling Stones maybe as many as 3, but The Kinks certainly hold their 2,…with The Sex Pistols being the tip of the talebone!

Lee Shafer
i wanna win those kinks cds cause my records all worn like my old stack of goldmines!

For those of you who haven't won ... no fear. The "The Kinks" Deluxe Edition can be purchased here. And "Kinda Kinks" here.

However, there is one more week to win the Deluxe Edition of "Kinks Kontroversy." Click here for more how to do that.

Btw, read our latest interview with Ray Davies by clicking here.