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Author Martin Popoff discusses Pink Floyd book on the Goldmine Magazine Podcast, episode 31

Rock author Martin Popoff discusses his book, "Pink Floyd: Album by Album," among other related topics.
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Longtime Goldmine contributor and celebrated rock author Martin Popoff is the guest on the 31st episode of the Goldmine Magazine Podcast, as he discusses his Pink Floyd: Album by Albumhardcover release on Voyageur Press (shown above).

Pink Floyd: Album by Album is one in a series of books that Popoff has produced for Voyageur Press (others have been on The Clash, Iron Maiden, Rush and AC/DC). Popoff is a prolific and popular author and by the end of the podcast, he updates us on his upcoming book projects, too.

Below is a podcast interview with Martin Popoff, discussing Pink Floyd: Album by Album and related topics.