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Brooklyn based duo Ratatat to release LP4 on June 8

The latest album from Ratatat titled LP4 will hit stores next month.

by Gary Fletcher


Ratatat is is the duo of guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer/bass player/producer Evan Mast. The latest album appropriately titled, LP4 will hit stores next month and is the follow-up to LP3 from 2008. The majority of LP4 was recorded during the same studio sessions as LP3 at Old Soul Studios in upstate New York, which is home to an array of old synthesizers, harpsichords, pump organs, grand pianos, and other instruments dating back to the 1930's.

The new record will continue the electronic, experimental sound Ratatat are known for but according to Mike Stroud's interview with Paste Magazine last fall, "you will see Ratatat embrace even more "weird, new sounds," courtesy of the studio's arsenal of the instruments. In particular, it will feature an abundance of Japanese strings; the band has even considered touring with a string quartet."

There are some pretty cools sounds on the track "Party With Children" and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the album next month. Check out the video below.


01 - Bilar
02 - Drugs
03 - Neckbrace
04 - We Can't Be Stopped
05 - Bob Gandhi
06 - Mandy
07 - Mahalo
08 - Party With Children
09 - Sunblocks
10 - Bare Feast
11 - Graper Juice City
12 - Alps