Getting metaphysical with Dave Davies

Innovative guitar player and co-founder of The Kinks finds the connection between music and the spirit world
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by Shirley Pena

Dave Davies, one of a small handful of truly iconic guitar heroes who today is recognized as a genuine rock innovator, is actually much more than that.

He’s a man on a mission to spread the good news that music is far more than merely entertainment.

The younger sibling of fellow ex-head Kink Ray Davies, Dave, who just turned 63, is itching to get back on the road this year for the first time since his 2004 stroke. Unbeknown to many fans though, is his longtime passion for spirituality, which has informed much of his music since going solo in 1996.

“Music is a vehicle of all kinds of energy,” Dave says. “I believe that when we communicate with each other, what we’re hearing is the words, but what we’re really saying is in the feeling. It’s a magnetic energy of healing, love or a higher vibration that, through yoga or certain meditation techniques, can heighten our personal vibration so that these forces become a part of our everyday lives.”

It is Davies’ fervent belief that this energy music taps into contains powers that modern man is only now beginning to discover, or as he puts it “rediscover.”

“The Egyptians knew probably more about these subtler forces than we do,” explains Dave. “It seems very, very strange to me that it’s not common knowledge. It’s really very odd that everyone doesn’t know about this and try to utilize these forces to contact the divine — goddess and God and that divine cosmic source. It’s kind of tragic, really.”

On his brand new DVD “Dave Davies Kronikles: Mystical Journey” (E-1 Entertainment), which includes the latest single “New Dawn, New Day,” the British born-musician reveals his personal quest to understand those forces and how they have shaped humanity as a collective whole in every conceivable way: intellectually, spiritually and even physically.

Of particular interest to Davies is how these forces will play a key role in humanity’s near future, and he feels it is imperative that everyone needs to actively seek a better understanding of them in order to create a better quality of life for themselves … and others as well.

Asked how these “forces.” as he calls them, play a part in our everyday lives he maintains, “It’s gotten to a point in today’s world where understanding these forces is going to make or break us. We can survive only by opening our minds and hearts to these forces which have been there since day one for all we know — since Egyptian times and maybe before that as well.”

Dave Davies is just chasing things that everybody is searching for these days.

“Love, peace and oneness: All human beings want these things, and the fact that we can actually use our minds and mentalities and our emotions to actually project these energies out to our human family … to actually help one another, is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever discovered,” Dave continues. “We’re not just isolated beings struggling in a harsh and cold world. We actually have the ability to be joined together as one force with each individual experiencing their own particular path.”

Dave adamantly stresses that everything occurs in the universe for a specified purpose.

“I don’t believe in coincidence. I think that everything happens for a reason,” he adds. “The more we learn to understand the hidden side of life, then the more we will realize that there are more profound reasons why we are all confronted with the problems that we are faced with. I believe that we carry Karma. John Lennon wrote a song called ‘Instant Karma,’ and I very much believe in cause and effect and karma. Certain difficult situations provide us opportunities to advance spiritually, so that in and of itself is a great teacher. Everything in life is a teaching, which will hopefully help us to grow inside.”
Some might see a contradiction in his discovery of the spirit world and his career. Davies doesn’t.

“I think that I probably would have moved away from music if I hadn’t realized the potential of healing it gives,” says Dave. “Through it you can become a healer. All humans have the innate ability to become healers, and music is a powerful tool through which one can send positive energy to people — especially people in close proximity such as at concerts. Psychic and healing energy can be even more powerful — with the more people there are. The same way that you can send a prayer to your next door neighbor. you can send that same healing energy to thousands of people!”

Many longtime Kinks’ fans may take umbridge with Davies’ candid admission that in the early 1970s he was contemplating abandoning the wild rock star life, but a Brookyn-based psychic convinced him that his celebrity status actually afforded the opportunity of reaching more people.

“At one point I was seriously considering leaving music altogether to become a full-time psychic healer,” he insists, “but I came to the realization that to do that sort of work — that sort of mediumistic work with the moral decorum perfectly served — requires a one-to-one situation or with only a few people in a group. We are all healers. As human beings we are all potential healers. We can send healing energy to the whole world … or maybe to another planet for all we know. When I suddenly realized that, I said to myself: ‘Hang on! Maybe I’m in the right place and I should be concentrating my healing techniques and what I feel will enable me to help people better on a one-to one basis.’”

His eyes were open. A lot of people experienced similar epiphanies.

“Prior to that I’d only been used to seeing healers and psychics in small churches with about 50 people coming to the services,” he continues. “When the penny dropped, it actually was quite logical. A lot of people that embarked on spiritual endeavors in the ’60s and ’70s tended to give up what they had before and cut themselves off from their previous lives, but I don’t think that one has to do that. I love playing live now more than ever. I think it keeps you young.”

He sums up his philosophy in healing with this observation: “Being a healer isn’t like something you do an hour a week. Eventually you realize that it’s something you do 24/7 — even in your sleep!”
Furthermore, Davies has very strong opinions about organized religion and how it’s not to be confused with spirituality.

“I think there’s been a big problem between religion, organized or otherwise, and spirituality,” says Dave. “What went wrong with religion is the same thing that went wrong with politics: It became far too money-based and too controlling. It’s a weakness that we human beings have for control. We want one thing, then we want more and then we want even more.”

In the DVD, Davies manages the neat feat of creating a kind of user-friendly “learner’s manual” of Occult/Spiritual/ New Age history, while also effectively creating a highly personal and touching portrait of his life and long career. As in his 1998 autobiography “Kink,” Davies takes an honest, unflinching look at his life, exploring the highs and lows with equal parts frustration, aggravation, contemplation and plenty of gentle humor (a trademark of sorts with Davies).

His sweet, shy demeanor and soft, child-like voice is quite disarming, and the contrast between his metamorphosis from the “wild child” of his youth and early career with The Kinks to the renaissance man he is today makes for one cracking good story.

As anyone who has chatted with him or watched the documentary will tell you, Davies is a natural born storyteller — engaging and always full of surprises. He claims that forces referred to as his spirit guides would often contact him while he was performing onstage.

“When I first started receiving contact with them, they would show up during an actual concert,” he maintains, with total sincerity. “I would go onstage and get into like a ‘psychic moment,’ and they would direct energy around the periphery of the audience. …We haven’t even started to explore the reality by the way we use our imagination and by what we create with our mind , especially what we create from our heart, because the heart energy is probably one of the most powerful forces in existence for all we know.”

Something that is well-known to anyone familiar with Davies’ music is his deep appreciation for the rich heritage of American artists and the profound effect they have had on his career.

“When I was growing up, every single piece of music that I listened to inspired me,” says Dave. “I was lucky, because I had older sisters who had access to everything from Hank Williams to Perry Como to Doris Day to Fats Domino. We had access to all this wonderful, diverse music, which was mainly all American artists. Ray and me learned our craft from this. Our inspirations came from those that came before us.”
Again, Davies reiterates his firm belief in the innate connection between music and the spiritual world, or as ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green would call it, “the supernatural.”

“It’s like an inner training,” he says. “I’ve always liked music by ear and by feeling, because it’s very connected with being psychic. When people on the other side of the world from England could turn on their radios and hear ‘You Really Got Me,’ it was like a code they could get straight away. Even if they thought it was horrible, it was available. It had a spiritual impact.”