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Goldmine Giveaway: Win a 'Guitar Pick Ring'

Here’s a chance to win a Guitar Pick Ring from — for the guitar player or guitar pick collector in you.

Hate losing your guitar pick? Want to show off the prized possession of your guitar pick collection?

Here’s a chance to win a Guitar Pick Ring (above) from This patented Guitar Pick Ring holds your pick securely in place; and when you’re ready to play or show it off, it easily pops right out. The stylish design also makes it a unique jewelry piece that is easy on the eye (it also comes in a necklace and bolo tie), and will represent who you are. Made in the USA, the handcrafted stainless steel ring is something you can be proud to wear or give as a gift to the guitarist in your life.

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Once you are picked as the winner of the Guitar Pick Ring, we will need your ring size. If you don’t know it, you can Find Your Ring Size by going here:


If you want to know a little more about the Guitar Pick Ring, go to In the meantime, here is a brief Q&A with Guitar Pick Ring inventor, Jerry Farnum.

Did you realize that this would also be a wonderful item for guitar pick collectors to display a prized pick? Or even a fan showing off his/her favorite pick (perhaps received at a concert)?
Jerry Farnum: At first, I just got tired of looking for a pick.

It’s a great idea for musician, collector and fan. That’s the unique quality of these items. Never seen others like them. Are there competitors?
Farnum: For years people have permanently affixed guitar picks to finger rings, but never with a removable pick.

Your wife is also involved in the production. She also has connections in the music business? How did she get involved and what is her history?
Farnum: (My wife) Lisa takes care of the business and I make the products. Her dad is Bud Isaacs, the creator of the pedal steel guitar, and her mother is singer Peggy Potts, who sang with Roy Acuff. Lisa's dad worked on the pedal steel while staying at Les Paul and Mary Ford's house, played with Patsy Cline and was partners with Chet Atkins. Lisa's mom — when they lived in Nashville — drove June (Carter) to pick up Johnny (Cash) at the airport. They watched each others kids and June named Lisa's older brother.

What is your favorite owned guitar pick? Do you have one?
Farnum: I have a pick Stevie Ray (Vaughan) tossed into a crowd.

If someone orders a ring, how long does it take to get the proper measurements?
Farnum: If a person doesn't know there ring size there are free apps on smart phones and laptops, you can figure out your ring size in seconds

How easy is it to slide the pick in? Tell us how it will keep the pick in place.
Farnum: The settings have four evenly spaced prongs — the pick is held firmly and yet is removable.

You also pride yourself on making these in the USA. That seems to appeal to many as well.
Farnum: Yes, we are very proud to make our products here in the USA and they will never be made overseas.

Are there any celebrity musicians that wear your items?
Farnum: Yes. Neal Schon of Journey, the Marshall Tucker Band and Bonnie Raitt, just to name a few.

These also seem to be a perfect item for, say, a Christmas gift. Judging by your testimonials, wives, girlfriends and best friends have made people very happy with these items as gifts.
Farnum: We think our products make great gifts. Iin fact, we're sure of it!