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Goldmine’s July issue on newsstands now!

Goldmine magazine's July 2011 (Issue #801) is on your newsstand now! Ronnie Spector is the cover story.

Goldmine magazine's July 2011 (Issue #801) is on your newsstand now! Keep on the lookout (or save yourself trouble every month and subscribe now!).

Ronnie Spector is on the cover of the July issue:


For Ronnie Spector, loving what you do is the best revenge.

We’ve all heard Ronnie Spector (born as Veronica Bennett) referred to as “the original bad girl.” More appropriately, Ronnie should be called rock ‘n’ roll’s original woman vocalist. Her style, her attitude, her voice ... it all added up to what made rock music so special.

For the kids of the ‘80s who first heard Ronnie share vocals in that Eddie Money song on heavy MTV rotation, there sometimes became a need to dig deeper into popular music’s history and discover the iconic vocals of Veronica Bennet of The Ronettes. Once heard, there was no denying this woman’s remarkable voice.

Nowadays, there are things in her past that Ronnie Spector does not feel comfortable talking about (and who can blame her?). The one thing she does know is that having a passion for what you do in life is the best way to forget the ugly ghosts. It was always the music — performing and singing ­— that got her through. And same holds true now. Gillian G. Gaar interviews Ronnie Spector on this continued passion for rock ‘n’ roll music.

The July issue also includes these special features:

  • Nirvana — Celebrate 20 years of ‘Nevermind,’ check out a new Nirvana museum exhibit and catch up with the raft of artists who once called Nirvana their home.
  • Nazareth — In a recent letter to the editor, Eric Sweetwood of Normal, Illinois, wrote:
    Having recently heard the “Big Dogz” CD by Nazareth, I was hoping to charm you into doing an article on the band. I have not truthfully read many books or decent articles on Nazareth. Since they are celebrating their 40th Anniversary as a band, they might be road-weary insiders of the daily trappings and the bounty of being a top notch hard rock band. In the states, we far too often ignore our UK friends. Well, Mr. Sweetwood, get the issue and find your Scottosh treat right there. We aim to please. The thing is: Nazareth never really went away. Sure, there was a ten-year period between 1998-2008 where there was nothing new by the band, but for the last three years the band has put out two fantastic hard rock albums, namely “The Newz” and “Big Dogz.” And what better way to celebrate a band’s forty years than to listen and enjoy both the old and the new!
  • Rory Gallagher — Explore Rory Gallagher’s music catalog in-depth.
  • Ray Manzarek — Legendary keyboardist opens up new doors to the blues with Roy Rogers.
  • Simon Kirke — Drummer Simon Kirke frees himself to do fine solo material.
  • The Beatles —Check out an auction of Astrid Kirchherr’s Beatles photos.
  • 13th Floor Elevators — Take the elevator to the 13th Floor for a Roky Erickson bobblehead.
  • Beach Boys — What do the Beach Boys and a Barbie doll have in common? A flexi-disc, that’s what.
  • Charlotte Muhl —Here are the 10 albums that changed Sean Lennon's closest musical collaborator’s life
  • Discoveries: Head back to the beginning ... The cradle of rock begins in the 1940s!
  • Flashback: Meet Rube Lacy, preacher, teacher and blues musician
  • Reviews —An interesting Queen book, and CDs ala TV Smith, Jeff Healey, Phil Spector, The Ronettes and others

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