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Kickstarting the Luck of Eden Hall

Though it's only six months since Spin Cycle last delved into the world of the Luck of Eden Hall, that was then and this is now. Six months, after all, is a long time when your band never stops moving, and you're probably already aware of the vinyl pressing for their Victoria Moon album on the Dutch Headspin Records; and an appearance on the Fruits de Mer Postcards From The Deep box set.


But of course, there's more. "We wrote and performed the theme song and other music in the new kid's TV show Moochie Kalala Detectives Club, that stars Tim Kazurinsky, and the pilot did so well this January/February that all of it's episodes will start airing again in April and run thru June, weekends and weekdays on WTTW in Chicago."

There's a new single, "The Happine$$ Vending Machine," out on Headspin Records, in two choices of beautiful colored vinyl (of course you'll want them both), an imminent new album, The Acceleration of Time, and a looming British tour which will include recording a live album in MWNCI Studios in Wales, and a split single with Fruits de Mer compatriots Sendelica.

It's the group's first European visit since 2013, and Curvey continues, "when Fruits de Mer... invited us to perform at The 13th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival in Wales this August, it was the perfect catalyst for another European tour.

"The Bevis Frond will headline, along with Sendelica and Astralasia, and more than half of the tickets for the event have already sold."


Other dates will see the band in Edinburgh on Aug 6th, Glasgow on Aug 7th, Liverpool on Aug 8th, and Cardigan on Aug 9th; further shows are likely to be added... but just in case the band's US following is feeling neglected, there is a way you can join in the fun. The band is around three-quarters of the way through a Kickstarter campaign, raising funds both to manufacture the new CD, and to finance the trip (flights, accommodation, transportation, equipment rentals etc).

Follow the link for the full range of goodies available to contributors, but just to whet your appetite - a signed copy of the band's Greatest Hits Volume 1 CD, the new single, sundry button badges and promo oddities, the new forthcoming Sideshows collection (with artwork by Curvey himself, and a fantastic twenty minute rendition of Yes' "Starship Trooper"), the vinyl Victoria Moon, various permutations of the new album, posters... traditionally bands bring out the big guns for their pledging campaigns, but the Luck of Eden Hall have really rolled out the red carpet.

One pledge even offers you a unique band recording of the song of your choice. True, it can't be longer than five minutes (so no "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers"... shame!), but it's hard to resist, regardless. Particularly for completist collectors - whom have already been well catered for by the band.

Limited editions, colored vinyl, pop-up sleeves... across a quarter-century of magical music making, the Luck of Eden Hall have seen built up a back catalog as impressive as any band of their vintage, and as eye-catchingly glorious, too. The Kickstarter campaign is everyone's chance to get their hands on the latest additions to that canon... but move fast! Author Neil Gaiman has just added his own name to the list of the band's admirers, and Tweeted the fact to his 2.22 million followers.


But that's not the luck of Eden Hall. It's just what they deserve.