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Moody Blues puzzled by Rock Hall

As he promotes his new solo album, Moody Blues bassist John Lodge has no idea why the Moodies continue to be ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

By Patrick Prince

On his new solo album, “10,000 Light Years Ago,” Moody Blues bassist John Lodge examines how the past relates to the present.

“The past might as well be 10,000 light years ago because it is unreachable,” says Lodge. “But even though the past is no longer there it has an instrumental part in who I am today.”


John Lodge's new solo album, “10,000 Light Years Ago."

The past was fruitful for John Lodge. His prolific songwriting has created such Moody Blues classics as “Isn’t Life Strange” and “I’m Just a Singer,” to name only a few. It’s this type of songwriting that has turned five decades worth of listeners into die-hard fans — many of whom believe that the band’s status in the music industry is unappreciated.

We had the opportunity to read Lodge a sample of the letters Goldmine receives in favor of the Moody Blues getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In short, Lodge was moved.

“It really does sum up the passion of the Moody Blues fans and how they feel for the Moody Blues and its music,” he admits. “At the end of every concert I say to everyone, ‘Thank you for keeping the faith.’ And I mean that. It’s awe inspring to have that feeling from people.”

To get directly to the point, does Lodge have any idea why the Moody Blues aren’t inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

“I have none whatesover,” says Lodge. “I feel frustrated for the fans as much as anything. Someone said to me the other day: ‘Without the Moody Blues, the Hall of Fame doesn’t actually mean anything.’ And that’s from a Moody Blues fan’s perspective.”

To Lodge, substance is the secret to the Moody Blues’ longevity: “Whatever you write or record there needs to be truth and integrity in it, so in 20 years time you can stand by it and believe in it.”

It is that spirit that makes the Moody Blues’ music so special. It’s something that the Rock Hall will have to eventually recognize.

“The reason the Moody Blues are the Moody Blues,” Lodge explains, “is because we did what people didn’t expect us to do.”


The Moody Blues are inducted into the Goldmine Hall of Fame.

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